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Rock to Wrestle at Elimination Chamber, WWE Considering Babyface Turn

– There has been at least some talk of turning Alberto Del Rio babyface. WWE officials badly want a top Hispanic babyface. The feeling is that Rey Mysterio won’t be around forever and is far from an office favorite while Sin Cara just isn’t ready.

– As noted, The Rock is being advertised for WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in February. Word going around WWE is that he will indeed be wrestling on that show, most likely in one of the Chamber matches. This would be The Rock’s first-ever Chamber match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • sandman

    Dont switch ADR to a face i think he makes a really good heel

  • D2K

    I love how people ignore the fact it was The Rock whom stated that he was DONE with wrestling, that he was not longer associated with wrestling, and did not want to be known as a wrestler AT ALL, but just an actor.

    I also love how people assume that those whom remember those statements and are sore about them automatically assume that they have a problem with The Rock doing something that plenty of other guys did long before he even set foot in a wrestling ring which is make money elsewhere.

    I also love how people either no longer have common sense, or refuse to use it. They purposefully ignore the obvious fact that The Rock only returns to use WWE as a vehicle to promote his films. I have no problem with that. Jericho does the same thing to promote his upcoming Fozzy tours.

    Even though the people nut-hugging The Rock already know this, I just want to say it so that there is no misconception.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with The Rock making a career change. There is nothing wrong with him using WWE as a vehicle to bolster his film career. He paid his dues, he helped make WWE into a billion-dollar company at one point, he deserves those perks.

    However when you act as thought the fans that made you are beneath you and you can openly lie to them on a regular basis, those of us whom are not gullible also have ***OUR RIGHTS*** take exception to it.

    Oh yeah. We have rights to you know. What The Rock does is irrelevant to me personally because I was done with him after Wrestlemania XIX. I had no further use for him and he hasn’t been that entertaining since.

    I just find it ridiculous when people feel that they have the right to be epic nut-huggers of The Rock and ignore the facts and others don’t have the right to to be normal fans that appreciate everything he has done for the industry and applaud his success away from the ring, but take exception to him playing us for fools and insulting our intelligence with his now yearly-rhetoric.

    I’m out.

  • chronoxiong

    I would love to see him become a face. The fans still don’t seem to react to his heelish acts. Also, if he turns face it gives him fresh opponents to squash instead of rotating from Santino, Zack Ryder, and others.

  • Jeremy

    I love how ppl think Rock was obligated to stay in WWE forever. He did his time, was one of the best of all-time, and wanted to further his career by doing movies and being more than a wrestler and he gets shit for that. God forbid Rock doesnt want to stay for the rest of his life… least he returns!!

  • Bill

    Del Rio did a nice job as a face at an NXT show before, & his heel gimmick is getting pretty old.

  • False Idol

    I think ADR could be o.k as a babyface. And if Ricardo wanted to wrestle under a mask it could be a good oppotunity for them to break up!? WWE NEED a hispanic babyface because of viewers. Still I like Rey Mysterio but he keeps on falling apart these days!

  • Zedd

    Del Rio has zero charisma and the fans don’t care about him at all, how in the hell do they think turning him face would work.

  • TheSheepDog

    I really can not wait for rock to return, purely just to see how/why and what all the iwc bitch about then! Cuz it damn sure is not going to be the rock of old and dear god not the version we got in cena promos!
    I respect dwaynes rock charisma, sure as hell better than his other acting characters, but to keep returning to former stars is not the answer.

  • Shay R.

    Yay, The Rock!!!

  • Lazlo Woodbine

    @ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    I’ve seen interviews he’s done where his english is really good, I think he’s just hamming it up. That being said, how do you make fans cheer such a punchable face? It’s not really working out for the Miz.

  • Big T

    ADR should pick up the Dos Caras persona again and be able to switch from good guy to bad guy at will.

  • Little Jimmy

    Well ADR has Ricardo who could easily get him over as a face.

  • Prince

    The Rock in a Chamber match will be awesome. Definitely looking forward to that. Will be cool to see him mix it up with a bunch of different guys.

  • Ray

    The Rock earned the right to do what ha wanted. I bet if you had the chance to do movies you’d say fuck what ever job you’re at and do it, too. So shut up and quit being hypocritical.

  • what?

    so sick of people saying the rock sold out .how did he sell out? he better himself .if you don’t think any other wrestler wouldn’t do the same your a fool ……..get over it

  • yofitz

    rock SOLD OUT on the fans and you MINDLESS SHEEP keep on cheering him …

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Del Rio is a good worker, but not good enough where he can get over on that alone like Rey Mysterio. I don’t mean to be racist, but Del Rio’s command of the English language is pretty poor and his promos suck. That’s going to hurt his chances of becoming a big star. I can’t really see fans getting totally behind him.

  • MAN

    Im so excited The Rock is back. We can expect a far more edgy Raw than in recent months.