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More from Rollins vs. Kidd in Detroit, WWE Announcer Turns 32, Nash

– WWE announcer Justin Roberts turns 32 years old today.

– Kevin Nash wrote on Twitter last night that he was fine and should be back in action in a couple of weeks.

– As noted before, the Seth Rollins vs. Tyson Kidd match at last night’s SmackDown live event in Detroit, which Rollins won, received rave reviews. Rollins and Kidd commented on Twitter:

Kidd: “Funny things happen when you mix a dose of Tyson Kidd with a talented and hungry athlete #workhorse”

Rollins: “Thank you Detroit! Holy $h*t that was awesome! So glad to be back! Can’t wait til next time. Get ready Buffalo…here we come!”

A source within WWE expects Rollins to make his TV debut on WWE’s main roster sooner than later.

  • CM Mark

    Good news about Rollins, I always liked the guy.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    I’d like to see Nash go to smackdown and put Sheamus over.

  • Phil Collins

    Look forward to seeing Tyler Black….Seth Rollins, I meant, on the main roster. Saw a lot of his ROH matches. This kid has a bright future.

  • shawn

    big show might be wrestling shaq venom. if that isnt false that is.

  • venom

    Nash should have a retirement match at Wrestlemania 28 against The Big Show.

  • Adam

    If they bring Nash back could have him in bodyguard role for Del Rio who could have a feud with HHH.

  • Jimbo

    Nash would also make a good manager/on-air personality.

  • JIR

    Well lets look at it this @heyfit every male champion on the roster is of a smaller, leaner dare I say more athletic biuld than Cena and Triple H

  • Stevie P

    I think TLC showed that Nash could still have a decent match. 5 star? No, but an entertaining one.

  • stockshark

    Big Daddy Old sucks he is too old and slow and broken down to be wrestling anymore damn TNA all you do is hire the old WWE Rejects to wrestle for you …………… wait what? What did you say? Did your say Big Daddy Cool is back in the WWE? He is the greatest he is the next coming off …”insert name here” wow he is so AWESOME young and vibrant what a STUD!! LOL

  • Stevie P

    So Nash isn’t done? Heck yes!

  • scooter

    always liked rollins I’m sure he’ll be a great midcarder shame I can’t see him getting any further unless he works on his promo skills

  • Bill

    Big Daddy Cool rides again!

  • BestInTheWorld

    Oh yeah!! Now that’s the news I wanted to hear. Rollins is going to be a main player on the roster. I hope he is still has God’s Last Gift as his finisher although I don’t think Vince will let him use that.