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Ron Simmons On Entering WWE Hall of Fame, New Randy Savage Figure Released

— Ron Simmons spoke with Brian Fritz and Mike Bianchi of 740 The Game in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday to discuss his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday in Miami, Florida. When asked whether he would have preferred the honor taking place last year in World Championship Wrestling based Atlanta, Georgia, he replied, “I think I would much rather have it in Florida.

“The state of Florida holds dear to me. I had my collegiate career there and lived there for a period of my life, so this is much better for me.”

Simmons also discusses his college football career at Florida State, entering the wrestling industry, becoming the first African American world champion in history and more. (Audio link)

— Ringside Collectibles has announced it’s newest Mattel WWE Exclusive figure, nWo Macho Man Randy Savage. It is the first-ever nWo action figure produced by Mattel. Images and pre-order details are available here.

— Today’s Miami Herald enclosed a WrestleMania XXVIII pullout section including a look at the legendary career of Ron Simmons.

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