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Rumor on WWE’s GM Storylines, Talk About RAW Closing Segment, More

– While everyone was more worried for Jerry Lawler at RAW last night, some were talking about how it took a lot of professionalism for John Cena, CM Punk and Bret Hart to pull off the main event segment knowing what was going on backstage. Michael Cole was talked about in the same regard.

– WWE Diva Tamina Snuka has been teasing something new for her on Twitter. She wrote the following teaser after last night’s Divas match on RAW:

“The Divas tag match tonight on #RAW was interesting tho somethings missing…#TheChaoticExoticOne #PrepareYourselves”

– We noted before that it’s believed eventually WWE will have Vince McMahon fire AJ Lee and Booker T from their General Manager jobs before bringing in a top name to run both shows.

There are rumblings now that Ric Flair may be brought in to run both RAW and SmackDown. It’s also been rumored that Flair may be brought in to work with Dolph Ziggler in place of Vickie Guerrero.

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  • shelton

    yes i think Vickie should be replaced y es i do

  • Tombstone

    I am all for Flair being GM, But I cant help but notice how so many people who were yelling that he was old and washed up and shouldnt be on TV when he was with TNA are now all for him being on WWE.
    Nope I am not a TNA fan, Just could not help but notice.

  • Jorge

    If Flair does become Ziggler’s manager please dont make Vickie GM

  • TwiztidRoman

    JBL for Raw and Ron Simmons for smackdown gms

  • Prince

    Especially with Ziggler if it means Vickie will be gone.

  • Prince

    Flair would be great as GM or with Ziggler. I’m good with either.

  • Kawika

    Deisal I agree with you about the three letters just wrong letters. I vote for the APA as the general managers.

  • KyB27

    Ryder as GM? u must be kidding right? the guy can’t even win a match bitch!!!

  • scooter

    I’m not a Michael Cole fan but you could tell the guy was almost in tears last night when adressing King. He acted very professionally!

  • CM Mark

    Cena can talk a lot of smack but he still can’t wrestle half as well as Punk. Neither can Orton. The “weak heel” Punk, sucks. This is not a good move IMO for Punk’s character.


  • xXx

    ..and we want yofits as Ryder’s personal ball washer

  • Diesel

    3 letters

    J B L

  • Aiden1990

    I’m a huge cm punk mark but I have to give cena credit he actually showed some emotion and pulled of a decent promo but I still expect punk to come away with the title at noc