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Ryback to Face Three Wrestlers?, Trends from No Way Out, Christian T-Shirt Preview

– WWE will be releasing a new t-shirt for Intercontinental Champion Christian. Here’s a preview of the front and back:

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– Some of the WWE terms trending on Twitter during No Way Out last night were Ryback, Kane, CM Punk, Sin Cara, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, You’re Fired, Ricardo Rodriguez and Prime Time Players, among others.

– Ryback squashed two local wrestlers in another Handicap Match at WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view. Ryback was yelling “feed me three!” and WWE is teasing that Ryback will next squash three competitors at once. There were reports before No Way Out that Ryback was going to face four guys at once but obviously that didn’t happen.

  • adam

    Vic shut your face m fer

  • Vic

    Slobberknocker Match FTW!!!! I loved playing that mode.

  • adam

    He did face three guys a few weeks ago on a raw he did his back pack stunner to one of them and did the fishermen buster to the other 2. as for barry. Yea were idiots for wanting him to face some actual compititon instead of just going out in non competitive matches were the jobbers have to do the talking for him because he cant himself. But were idiots for not buying into his charcter.

  • grizz

    Until they put Ryback against a real wrestler he will be nothing but a joke.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I thought Ryback already had a match were he faced 3 on 1??? I’m pretty sure he did…

  • barry horowitz

    Wow you guys are all idiots,I suppose you would have said then same thing years ago when Vader was squashing jobbers,they’re just getting people interested in ryback right now he’s a product and they have to sell him, meanwhile you half wits are so fucking impatient you cant just let a guy brew for a few months everything has to be right now when you want it,I’m so glad you guys arent booking raw and smackdown cuz despite what you may think you wouldnt fix the show youd make it worse than it already is.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    Ryback is such a waste of time. They talk about him being a power house then he wrestles 2 guys at 110. Pounds each. At least put him against some fat guys or muscle heads. I just wonder where this is going. With the news that no wwe super star wants to get in the ring with him because he has no ability to control himself and not hurt someone.

  • scooter

    This could lead to them bringing back those awesome slobberknocker matches to wwe 13. Where you get to pin like 50 guys after giving them 2 armdrags and laugh at how triple h’s burying abilliy pales compared to yours.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Why do people think it says something about Christ? It clearly says 1 Ch Charisma, in a parody of the periodic table. Anyone who sees that as religious is clearly not paying attention.

  • Straight-edge

    until ryback is in the rings with guys like show cena ortan henry punk del rio. guys that u know actually have respect in the business. you cant bring a guy that fail horrible as a guy named skip. put him in the ring with a bunch of nobodys and get him over its getting people sick. he is good i like him but they are messing up a good thing before it even gets started

  • adam

    @Jeff thats whats sad about it he isnt even facing FCW wrestlers he is just facing people off the street basically. If they want his charcter taken seriously he needs to start facing actually wwe wrestlers not these 100 pound no bodys. I mean no shit he can take both of them up on his shoulders at the same time neither of them is over 200 pounds any of the people he faces are under that weight. So either he isnt as strong as there saying and all that is steriods which i dont doubt for a second. Or wwe doesnt have faith in him being about to do an actual match with a real wrestler and look that impressive which again i wouldnt doubt.

  • voice of reason

    yeah bill does have a point there if i saw someone wearing the shirt with the “1 ch” on the front & the “vital element” on the back i’d be thinking “hmmm this guy really loves christ” now if your a religious type of person & if i have offended your faith i do apoligize to you but this is just how i see the shirt.

  • jeff

    Starting to get sick of this story line of him beating 2 fcw wrestlers. Time to face a mid level wrestler like santino or r truth

  • Maxwell

    Bring Goldberg back and than we have the Gold-Back era.

  • Bill

    Not to sure about that Christian shirt. To me, the front could be mistaken for a religious shirt, but that’s just me.

  • Dave

    I remember back in his early WCW career they did a similar gimmick for Vader. Squashing multiple jobbers every week. They ended it with a 20-1 match with Vader basically squashing 20 jobbers. I’m wondering if WWE are building Ryback towards something similar before moving him up to proper matches.