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Ryback Match Discussed For WrestleMania 29, ROH Wrestler Meets With WWE

– WWE has contemplated building towards a Ryback vs. Big Show match at WrestleMania 29 on April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is based on the idea of Ryback having a “WrestleMania moment” by hoisting Show onto his shoulders and marching around.

– Ring of Honor wrestler Mike Bennett met with WWE officials last week. Additional details have not been disclosed.

In August, “The Prodigy” remarked on whether he would be interested in joining the promotion if an offer came along: “Well, I’ll give you the political answer right now and say never-say-never. I’d be absolutely lying to you if I said I didn’t become a wrestler to be at WrestleMania and headline WrestleMania, which is what 99% of all guys want to do if they’re in wrestling. They want to make the big bucks and be on the main stage. But for me, right now, I’m 100% happy in Ring of Honor. I mean, I feel like I’m building a company. Its been around since 2002, its been building since then, but I feel now with the Sinclair network behind it we really are truly building a company. Is WWE ever an option? Like I said, I’d be lying if I said wouldn’t want to go there, but right now Ring of Honor is where I like to be.”

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • hf part two

    That fat sack of crap Ryback will never be full. He’s always hungry.


  • Ryback isn’t just a muscle dummy he is an experienced in ring performer who knows what he is doing. The question is how long in the ring can he keep up. His charisma is there, he is a solid mic worker, and he is going over. And Big Show is the best he’s ever been. I mean i think I seen him do a dropkick before back in the day and I’m sure he cant do that. But a match between the two im not 100%.

  • Moe

    @Jeremy: What the hell are you talking about. Show and Sheamus was actually the best match on the card that night. Ryback can’t do shit and this feud with punk had done nothing for him? He won’t have a clean loss but he’s going to seriously injure someone in that ring. You don’t push muscle dumbies!

  • TruthisHere

    @ Mark. I’m pretty sure Tensai sandbagged Ryback on that RAW. He’s done it three times now. He didn’t seem to have too much trouble doing it last week.

  • YouDeserve

    Big Show out of shape? No 6 years ago he was way out of shape, he’s in the best shape since he was just known as Paul White.

  • Jeremy

    And I’m no fan of Brodus, thats just how bad Show is now

  • Jeremy

    I agree Jimbo. He’s fat, outta shape, old, slow, and boring. Id rather see Brodus Clay get some sort of monster push. At least hes young and can move around….

  • Mark

    If Ryback even has trouble lifting Tensai, what makes WWE think he’ll be able to lift Big Show?

  • Jimbo

    Big Slow should have retired 5 years ago.

  • SYM

    all the kiddies will be bored of chanting feed me more by then.

  • Lew

    why not have a ryback win the Royal Rumble and if big show is still champion have him challenge big show

  • nick

    when i think wrestlemaina and ryback only one man comes to mind..goldberg

  • Prince

    Well, that sounds lame.