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Ryback Getting His Rematch?, Cena Wants Another Shot at Rock

– There wasn’t much newsworthy coming out of the WWE Hell In a Cell pre-show last night. John Cena mentioned Ryback and threw his hat in as the first to challenge him if he were to win the WWE Title from CM Punk, which he didn’t.

Cena also brought up The Rock and said he wanted another shot at him. Cena added that he knows he can beat The Rock.

– WWE is already teasing Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title at November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. They wrote:

“Survivor Series offers a prime opportunity for Ryback to exact his revenge; can CM Punk elude the creature’s grasp until then?”

  • Tombstone

    As much as I hate to admit it, I am inclined to agree with @barry horowitz on this one. I think it is time for Rock to pass the torch.

  • Tha don

    Ryback will get his pin on punk at survivor series in the elimination match. Book it.

  • edo. risk

    @Horowitz. Rock paid his dues. He will probably walk in to wrestlemania as WWE ch. and will probably put over Cena. Don’t say it as if he’s a ’90 “Shawn Michaels” cuase his not.

  • Bob

    i never saw the ppv but read the results and was pissed to learn cm stinks retained the title espically thanks to the ref’s low blow….however ryback has only been getting a push for what like a month so i understand why it happend just wish cm stinks would lose the title already

  • barry horowitz

    yeah robert your precious Rock cant lose a match and actually put someone else over for once?…I hate Cena but I at least respect that he shows up every night and as much as I love the Rock I think he owes Cena a little bit of torch passing.

  • W.cares

    Why cant it robert?

  • Shawn

    Marks marks marks you guys are hurting my eyes reading this bull can all of u get a grip the Internet wrestling community has gone nuts ryback is awesome go check out Florida championship wrestling the guy can hang with them all u guys are nuts if u think Vince is wasting his time on this guy scouters like jr know very well this guys knows the ropes and has served his dues u may have not seen it but this guys been around for years and know he’s just made a name for himself in the big show and everyone is hating on him it’s f’n weird

  • robert

    if rock vs cena happens at mania again, I will not buy the ppv, cuz you know they will just have cena beat the rock, which cannot happen

  • xXx

    @cool d, ryback vs cena for the title at wm will be excruciating to watch

  • Dan

    If they do a traditional Survivor Series match then it’ll probably be something along the lines of Team AJ (captained by Cena) vs Team Vickie (captained by Ziggler), because I don’t think the want to not have the main title not defended at one of the supposed “Big 4” PPVs (I know it wouldn’t be the first time though), which Punk would probably leave with the titles after either getting DQ’d/counted out or have Ryback lose it and get DQ’d.

  • Just to make wrestlemania different, I will hope cena face rock at rumble instead and then punk can screw rock and face him at wrestlemania. And ryback wins rumble and face cena for title.


    so cena says he wants to get his ass kicked another time.

  • xXx

    oh no, the rematch storyline has started x-x

  • SYM

    won’t be a one on one match, will be a elimination tag match. WWE wouldn’t want to book themselves into a corner again.

    Does WWE really want RyCrap to have two failed attempts in a row to win the WWE championship.

    Apart from two spots last night proved RyCrap isn’t ready. I’d be happy with him Getting it off Cena at Backlash after Cena gets it’s off the Rock at WM.

  • Pete

    No, he shouldn’t get a rematch, He didnt even win a match to challenge for the title so why should he get one?