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What Will Ryback Be Doing at Survivor Series?, Ryback Comments on McMahon & Goldberg

– James Stewart of Boston’s CBS affiliate spoke with Ryback to promote Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Ryback revealed he will be issuing an open challenge at Sunday’s big event. He said:

“The open challenge is for anyone out there. I’m kind of a bully. I like a good fight and I like picking on people. If it’s someone bigger than me so be it.”

Ryback also commented on Goldberg and Vince McMahon:

“He [Vince] is the Roman emperor, and we are all his gladiators. And I want to be the biggest, baddest gladiator.”

“I have a great amount of respect for Bill Goldberg, but I’m not going to beat around the bush and say I wanna be best friends with the guy. I’d like to face him in the ring. I’ve heard him say he’s not happy with comments I’ve made about him, if he has a problem with it let’s settle it at Wrestlemania.”

  • CC

    Its easy to issue a challenge like that if the guy isnt in WWE or for a match in a scripted event. If he was really as tough as he makes out he would just suggest Goldberg comes and says it to him in person.
    Goldberg isnt necessarily that tough in real life (if you know the Jericho story) but somehow I dont think Ryback is any tougher.

  • d_pooch

    My guess is that Ryback will issue an open challenge and Lesnar will accept. This PPV sucks otherwise.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Ryback talks big because he knows he’d be going over in that match. Honestly, if Ryback is heel, I’d let Goldberg win the match, but due to Ryback being cocky and attempting a heel maneuver that ends up costing him. He can then get the win back at Extreme Rules and possibly even turn face by shaking Goldberg’s hand. It’s a win-win-win (as Michael Scott would say). Goldberg get’s his return match, also helps put Ryback over and Ryback turns face in a great way.