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Scott Steiner Sends A Warning To Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan In Latest Twitter Rant

As reported earlier, Eric Bischoff finally responded to Scott Steiner’s numerous scathing remarks on Twitter on Thursday. After “Big Poppa Pump” wrote on the social networking website, “At Shoney’s to Go Grand Opening in Buford….awesome food,” the TNA Wrestling executive responded, “50+ year old man pitching greasy fried chicken in Buford and wrestling indys in front of 250 fans…bitter?” Bischoff then retweeted comments on his timeline with an anti-Steiner stance, many of which accuse him of drug abuse. In response, Steiner issued a warning to Bischoff as well as Hulk Hogan, and also disclosed the meaning of “609.” Steiner wrote:

There you are u little bitch,bn tweeting for 4 wks now n u decide to respond when i tweeted

About being at a Shoneys To Go Grand Opening….Really….Im playing poker with you and ive

already told you what my hand is and the significance of 609,and the shoneys tweet

Brought u out of yur hole,first off if you want to call anybody a drug abuser look no further than yur son

609Garrett was a 140 lb non-athletic pussy in high school,but as everybody can see he can take

Everything under the sun but it hasnt improved his athletic ability,the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

Let me educate u on Shoneys,first off this wasnt a paid appearance,i was there on behalf of my friend

Of 18 yrs who purchased the Shoneys Brand 6 yrs ago for around $300 million,and its no

Longer a greasy fast food joint as u suggest,you would have known this if u ever went to the Tna offices

Bcuz Shoneys corporate offices are also in Nashville,but as you like to brag your too high class and make

Too much money to eat at a place like that,well the # 609 suggests you aint high class at all

So for everybody that has bn tweeting me back asking what is the significance of 609 and why

Chant 609 when either bitchoff enters the ring,is bcuz 609 is part of a larger # that eric owns n now

Garrett is going to have to live with,

The full sequence is 1:19-CR-609 and its represents bitchoffs docket # when he testified under oath

In Atlanta’s Gold Club trial

More later on his exact testimony which is very revealing and humurous bcuz it shows what a

Weasle he is,which i will also post on my website,

Bitchoff u need to worry about the crowds that Tna is drawing since u 3 assholes have taken control

2,500 ppl were at the last ppv in nashville,the home base of Tna and alot of those were freebee’s,

Bitchoff cant deny anything that i tweeted about bcuz its all true,so hes trying to change the focus

Saying im to old slow & boring..really check out the Ring ka King footage

That i didnt want to move over for the younger guys,all i did was try to elevate guys and pass the torch

Ask any wrestler better yet look at the tape,im not a mark like hogan and have to have creative control

Bcuz ppl dont care who wins or loses,they want to be entertained,hogan living in his fantansy world

Actually believes hes winning

Trust me bitchoff ,u and hogan are about to find out im the last guy you should have fuckd with

Your going to find out that payback is a bitch,both mentally n physically right now im FF’n with

Your mind,and i will see u both again,and you will see how ruthless i can be,believe that

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    When Steiner finally does go crazy and go after Bishoff for real he will find jason with a ballgag in his mouth and nipple clamps handcuffed to bishoffs canopy bed and a butt hole the size of the lincoln tunnel so please steiner beat him up 1st it would make allot of REAL Wrestling fans happy.

  • Nicholas

    I forgot to add Kurt Angle to the list as the other guy who needs to stop acting like a kid.

  • Jay

    Scott Steiner=Ratings?

  • Nicholas

    @Gorilla I agree with you 100%. But I would add 2 more name to that list in Hulk Hogan all acting like little kids with there twitter rant. To me the mass in TNA is showing up in the ring you can see it. To much ego an nobody running the ship. To me Dixie Carter is the wrost wrestling owner or what ever she is to TNA. She has done nothing but let these old guys do what ever they want. Vince Mac would got rid of there butts a long time ago. I know there are a lot of people that don’t like Vince but he makes sure stuff like this never happens in WWE.

  • lol

    seriously what the hell is stiener on?? crack?>

  • JB

    Do you guys understand the big news here? The ‘Atlanta‚Äôs Gold Club trial’ Steinter mentions was an affair involving the mafia, bischoff was connected. This 609 thing is getting more and more intriguing…

  • Reverse prince albert

    Everything scot said is 1–% legit. everyone knows it. so stop being petty and taking sides like its an episode of one tree hill. fact is FACT.

  • Gorilla

    I think both scott and Eric are just bitter about not being in spot light and in reality they should both grow up by now and focus on making wrestling better helping new talent and ideas for shows well enjoying a retired life reflecting on their respectful careers instead of this garbage there doing on tweeter

  • Jimbo

    This is the most entertaining thing Steiner has said since “Sid Vicious broke his leg because he ran into my rock-hard chest!”

  • Yes Man

    @jason no you are the moron you worthless piece of shit.

  • ratedG-gos

    If this was an angle then all 3 of these guys are refusing to move over and allow young talent to show. Both bitchoffs are fucking useless. Steiner seems legit with this beef.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Why waste this on Twitter, this should be on Impact!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Imagine if this was just a angle? Like how WWE are utilising Twitter, This would be a huge storyline but sadly it seems too real to be that.

  • JohnCena33

    Is Steiner coming for you to?

  • Jason

    Scotty is a moron

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Scott Steiner’s tweets are more entertaining than an episode of Impact Wrestling.

  • teico

    @ sym i dont think its a gimmick

  • Drake F3lix

    Once again I totally agree with him. I can’t get enough of his rants lol

  • SYM

    Is Scott Steiner stealing Eugene’s gimmick?

  • adam

    Most of what he said was true. Espically about Garrett i mean he has 0 talent yet since his name is bichoff he is getting pushed to the moon. And what he said about the ratings and attendance was right to. I mean is Scott a little crazy YES but he does have some good points.

  • sepulz

    @poko yeah I agree. I couldn’t imagine being that bitter. But behind every bit of bitterness there is some truth and I believe that hogan and bischoff are selfish bastards. They both did a lot for the business back in the 90’s but its time to just step out of the spotlight. I like bischoffs run in WWE becuz he wasn’t given full control

  • poko

    Who could blame him? Steiner is off his rocker. The guy needs to let it go. I can’t imagine ranting about my former boss on twitter for weeks on end. That can’t be normal, can it?

  • dave

    scott steiner is EXCITING

  • sepulz

    Bischoff will probably be a bitch and get a restraining order on him now