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Seth Rollins Competes At SmackDown Live Event, Lilian Garcia In NYC, Mick Foley

— WWE developmental wrestler Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in East Lansing, Michigan. He previously toured with the main roster in late December as he beat Tyson Kidd in singles matches at three consecutive SmackDown live events.

— SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia appeared at Planet Hollywood in Times Square on Wednesday to promote her latest music video. Photos from her appearance are available here.

— Mick Foley commented on the reaction to his public concern for WWE’s on-screen treatment of Eve.

“Not everyone agreed with my comments, but from time to time I feel like a should add my voice to certain subjects,” he tweeted.

Foley wrote this week that WWE is sending a “mixed message” with the name-calling toward Eve since it contradicts their anti-bullying campaign ‘be a STAR’ and John Cena’s motto to “Rise Above Hate.”

  • cenaWWE

    but Gabriel is GAY! and for the record so is the Rock

  • JIR

    yes marcum but WWE hadn’t started the whole Rise Above Hate/Be A Star campaign (which started with GLAAD bitching about anti-gay comments)

  • marcum

    Cena was making Gay jokes at Justin Gabriel during the Cena/Nexus fued.

  • JIR

    Put thinking about it now Cena wearing the rise above hate shirt while calling Eve a Hoeski is just two faced for the company now if he was insulting a gay person GLAAD would have been up at arms again and they would have shut that down in a heart beat

  • Charismatic Otunga

    Didn’t he did the same with Melina? He was just trying to get with her… good ol’ Mick haha

  • Sean Mooney

    I’ve got to disagree with Mick here. They treat/bully JR 1000x worse than Eve, and this is actually helping Eve’s career by getting her attention. It’s also making her somewhat relevant (more-so than when she was Divas champ).

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    sounds to me that mick wants to get a piece of eve!!!!!He has good taste….hahahaha
    eve is smoking hot and i bet she can suck the chrome off a bumper.