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Shane Douglas Sends A Message To Vince & Dixie, Lex Luger Indy Appearance

— Extreme Reunion released the following video of Shane Douglas touring the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Franchise also directs a message to Vince and Dixie.


Details on the event are available at

— Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger has been announced to appear for Pro Wrestling Federation’s “Night Of Legends” show next Saturday in Rogersville, Tennessee. He will be on hand for the event taking pictures with fans and signing autographs. Details are available here.

— Through Dial a Star, former WWE talent Angela Fong (a/k/a Savannah) is charging $15 per minute to accept phone calls from people. Details are available here.

  • RPM

    if you hadn’t written what the video was about I’d have spent 99% of it thinking some homeless guy was trying to find a place to sleep only to realise it was just Shane Douglas

  • nnac

    vince is laughin from his couch at this video, while dixie is figuring out exactly how to become vince mcmahon…

  • Logan

    Remember the match with Raven vs Shane Douglas when Shane puked in the ring? Think it was in NWA-TNA, you know the watchable TNA.

    @kitkrock Angela Fong (a/k/a Savannah) was a reporter/host for WWE for a while.

  • kitkrock

    Who in the blue hell is Angela Fong (a/k/a Savannah)?

  • Gorilla

    The franchise of target …..bitch ass dean Douglas still mad because you suck bitch fuck you and all your pathetic memories you left us in wwe you bitch and fuck a another revolution your fucking bingo hall violent crap that didn’t have one female in its audience but much love too francine and dawn Marie fucking hot id due em good unlike ecw faget fans dissing them cuz they scared of pussy lol

  • Ronald

    LOL! That was an awkward video. How uncomfortable for the cameraman.

  • SYM

    Ok WTF is going on Here? I called Savannah’s Dial a Star & I heard CM Punk on Commentary saying “King Kofi Kingston has a Nice ring to it, but Idk about the initials”

  • JohnCena33

    Why are there no Brock Lesnar toys at Toys R’ Us?
    Brock sold out!!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Look I LOVE the classic old ECW! But the problem is that it’s just a bunch of old guys now. If ECW was still around and was big like WWE then I bet they wouldnt be wrestling like they are today. It’s cool that they want to start a second revolution but they have to realize, the company won’t be the same like in the 90s.. 🙁

  • VenomEX

    watch the heatseakers episode of legends of wrestling roundtable and you’ll be shocked as to how much they didn’t like lex luger

  • JohnCena33

    @Jeff Miles
    You call a harmless foot, a foot, a dbag. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scooter


  • rich

    News flash: nobody cares about ECW anymore. There is a reason why it went out of business

  • Jeff Miles

    What a total douche..