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Sheamus Replacing CM Punk, Cena Lists 10 Things About Women That Scare Him, Gabriel

– John Cena has a new article in Glamour Magazine where he lists the top 10 things about women that scare him. Here are the top 5:

1. How long it takes you to get ready. Countries were built in less time.

2. How much effort you put into the littlest things. I didn’t know how important it was that your nail polish was the exact same shade as your dress.

3. How resourceful you are. I’ve seen a woman use a foil gum wrapper as a mirror to touch up her lipstick.

4. How long you hold a grudge. No, I don’t remember what I said three years ago on the second Tuesday in April.

5. How many “relationship dates” you remember. Do we really need to celebrate the third anniversary of the time we went to the little Italian restaurant down the street?

– Justin Gabriel noted on Twitter that he may be appearing at tonight’s WWE NXT TV tapings from Full Sail University. Remember to join us for live spoilers around 6pm EST.

– Sheamus has replaced CM Punk at this weekend’s WWE live events in Wichita and Kansas City. Sheamus will be wrestling The Shield in handicap matches now.