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Sheamus Shares His Thoughts on The Rock, The Rock Comments on WrestleMania 28

– did an interview with The Rock talking about his return home for WrestleMania 28 and WWE’s decision to choose Sun Life Stadium as the host site. Rock said:

“It sealed the deal for me. It’s going to be a fun night, an electric night, but also a very emotional night, considering South Florida has been my home for over 20 years.”

– Sheamus spoke with Jon Robinson of and had the following to say about rumors of The Rock’s heat backstage:

“Rock’s been nothing but cool to me. I haven’t said too much to him, we’re all so busy backstage doing stuff for Wrestlemania, but I’ll be honest with you, Rock came over to me, shook my hand, and introduced himself to me from day one. When I see him on Mondays, I ask him how he’s doing, and he asks the same of me. I have no problem with him at all. He’s been nothing but cool to me. I have no problem with The Rock. He’s as cool as ice.”

  • Jon-Jon

    It really depends on who you are and what perception you take. Some may think Rock introducing himself to people backstage is simple gladhanding, and others, like Sheamus, may see it as a sign of respect and kindness. Either way, without The Rock, Wrestlemania wouldn’t be as big as it is this year.

  • 3117

    oh so i guess we can disregard all other reports that have said the complete opposite by multiple superstars because the up and coming company star thats about to be pushed to the moon comes out and says so. again who is sheamus, outside an vince and hhh favorite?


    It goes to show you its not what Cena says the Rocks like backstage. Cena is just trying to get people to like him