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Sheamus-Henry Feud to Continue, Update on Plans for Orton and Christian, More

– Local independent wrestlers from the Pro Wrestling Guerilla promotion were sitting at ringside last night during the spot where Mark Henry and Sheamus crashed through the barrier and into the crowd. WWE used the wrestlers there as extras to prevent fans from getting hurt.

– WWE posted a backstage video of Sheamus after his loss to Mark Henry at SummerSlam. Sheamus warned Henry that their rivalry was far from over.

– Randy Orton became a three-time World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Christian at last night’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. WWE had been going with the idea of another Orton vs. Christian match at September’s Night of Champions pay-per-view but last night’s match was billed as their “final encounter” on the SummerSlam pre-show.

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  • venom

    It’s time for Christian to get lost in the shuffle.

  • d

    my guess is christian will get his rematch on smackdown lose again and then fued with someone else

  • Elizabeth

    The Real Man Is Champion Again Randy Orton, Christian is just a Creepy Little Bastard…

  • RaTeD R

    wait a damm min i know this has been going on for ever but dosent Christain get a rematch?

  • evilangel

    Christian just sux!!! He sucked in TNA and he still sux here yet again. He needed Edge for his whole carreer. Now, he’s lost without him.

  • kyle

    i think it will be henry vs sheamus vs christian vs orton(c) for the world heavyweight championship at night of champions & bryan vs rhodes(c)- Intercontinental championship & MITB Briefcase Match at night of champions.

  • Vini

    Wait, wait, wait. WWE don’t screw this up again maybe let Christian job to Orton again on PPV, but he should get his rematch for the World Title

  • cheesehandler

    christains a chump, cry-baby, and needs to get laid cuz if he did then maybe hed have some bass in his voice. he sounds like a girl on steriods, bu tthen again maybe he is….FUCK CHRISTAIN

  • Simon

    There wasn’t a bad match on the card… and thats saying something given the matches involved Kelly Kelly and Mark henry. Sure, the tag team match was kinda meh, but the other matches did their job; its the finishes i didnt like. Beth should have won, Christian should have won, Byran should have won. I wont complain about Del Rio, we all saw it coming a mile away, though Nash being the one to screw Punk was a twist.

    Wonder if Punk will invoke his rematch clause. If he got a “load of perks” but no rematch clause, then he was a fool. But, they’ll likely have Cena go for the title saying “My foot was on the ropes, i should be champ”, rather then the person who won the match only to lose the title. Would have made more sense for Cena to have won then had it cashed in, then they could eaily go with what they seem to be aiming towards.

  • TomC

    I was at the show live yesterday and the Orton v Christian match was CLEARLY the best out of all – followed closely by the Cena v Punk (and aftermath) match.

    There were A LOT of CM Punk fans in the crowd – in my estimation, Punk go the biggest “pop” out of all.

    The Sheamus v Henry “through the wall” part was AWESOME live.

    Believe it or not … at least watching it live … the Kelly Kelly v Phoenix match was not all that bad. Not sure how it translated onto television, but “live” it actually was kind of fun to watch and Kelly Kelly didn’t look as ridiculously “fake” as she normally does (on TV). Just my opinion, mind you.

    Other than that, the show was decent – though I was disappointed that there were only six matches. SummerSlam USED TO BE the second biggest show after WrestleMania … before they went to the “one PPV per month” over-saturated format.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I really hope this is the last match or it will start to be overkill like the Angle/Jarrett feud that went on forever in TNA for about 5 or 6 months…

  • Devil_Rising

    I just don’t like how weak they make Christian look as champ. They make him look like he doesn’t have a prayer of beating someone like Orton without getting Orton disqualified or something else stupid. That will eventually make dumb fans think Christian can’t beat anybody, and that has in the past led to certain guys pretty much getting buried. I hope that’s not the case with Christian, he deserves a lot better than that. And having Edge diss him was not really cool either…..

  • timmyd

    Sheamus and Henry are going to have a corn beef sandwich on a pole match

  • Jimbo

    Great PPV as far as the wrestling goes, but bad booking decisions.

  • Whatever

    maybe christian can feud with ezekiel jackson or something 😛
    I don’t know, not many good superstars at the moment, maybe fatal four way with christian, orton, sheamus and henry or something?
    we need jericho, batista etc. to come back!

  • zebra hunter

    Christain is awesome, orton = zzzzzzz

  • Simon

    And then Christian gets to feud with…..? Oh wait, where is everyone? Thats right, not at the same level right now, and with Kane and Big Show (Who im sure was drafted to Raw) out of the picture… who is there for Christian to feud with? Orton has become this generations HHH. (Dont know what I mean, look back at his time as World Champion and his matches with RVD, Booker T and Kane, just for starters).

  • adam62

    @whatever that could be a good match

  • Whatever

    maybe a triple threat match with sheamus, orton and henry???

  • Whatever

    not again christian vs orton, this was it, this last match was awesome but another match is just not a good idea…
    let’s have a feud with mark henry or something…

  • Bryan

    The only thing that I can think of is that Mark Henry gets a World Title run here soon and that is how the feud goes on.

  • Jimbo

    So….who does Orton feud with if Henry and Sheamus are still busy with each other?

  • Name

    They should write Christian out of TV untill NOC and when he returns he can ask for a rematch at HIAC in a HIAC match.

  • Evil Doink

    I agree, that should have been the last match between Ortan and Christian, disagree that Orton walks away with the belt.

    That was a great match!

  • Greatness

    ORTON!!! Glad to have you back as champ!!

    The Era of Orton starts once again. I think it might be a IC Champ vs WHC Champ feud with Rhodes but I’m dreaming probably.

  • josh

    the wrestlers were from the fresno area i know one of them his name is wiseguy,he works for piledriver pro wrestling

  • scooter

    this is bullshit! say what you want about Cena but at least he puts guys over and lets then have decent reigns for a while! Randy Orton is just a politician who needs the spotlight on him all the time. What a cunt.

  • CenaSucks

    fucking disgarce, another buriel by orton