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More on Show-Laurinaitis Error from RAW, Booker T’s Non-Wrestling Show, Vickie & Lawler

– Booker T will be launching an online entertainment channel soon and on that channel will be a breakdancing show. Booker says the best breakdancers in America will battle to be named the #1 b-boy around. Here’s the preview:

– Michael Cole joked on RAW last night that Jerry Lawler and Vickie Guerrero wear the same kind of shirts. Apparently he was telling the truth as Vickie plugged Karmen’s Boutique in El Paso, Texas on Twitter:

“Hey everyone, I bought my shirt at Karmens Boutique in El Paso. Jerry Lawler buys his shirts there as well, he loves my fashion sense”

– As noted before, WWE slipped up on RAW last night when John Laurinaitis said he re-signed Big Show on Saturday, before the Over the Limit pay-per-view. They later realized the error and fixed it saying Show and Laurinaitis had a verbal agreement until he signed the contract on Monday morning. reports that the error was actually in the RAW script. WWE didn’t realize the error until fans went crazy on Twitter and corrected them. They then had Michael Cole correct the error on TV.

  • SYM

    As for Jerry Lawler, boys…….WE GOT EM!

  • Jon-Jon

    This is why Triple H will be the death of the WWE. Everyone knows he has so much more power in the company now, and I doubt that Vince, at his age, is at every single Raw taping there is. He’s more than likely got Trips acting on his behalf. Say what you want about Vince, about his crazy antics, and about him screwing people over, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, fucks up McMahon’s show and gets away with it. McMahon, although crazy at times, is a keen and ruthless businessman, and that made the WWE what it is today. Love him or hate him, no one will ever be able to compete with the production value and business sense that Vince has. Especially not Triple H, and not even Stephanie. Shane may have been the only one that could ever come close, but he’s long gone now.

  • shorty

    who cares where Vickie Guerrero bought her shirt she has no fashion sense she is a 44 year old woman who dresses like a kid who does not dress her own age, she dresses very cheap and does not dress appropriately at all in clothes that do not fit her at all because she gained back a lot of the weight she lost, Vickie Guerrero needs to learn to dress more appropriately

  • donners


    that’s the point. they didn’t fix the mistake – fixing the mistake would mean writing big show off again, and somehow explaining how he still cost cena the match – the problem is, they didn’t leave enough time for this storyline to develop, so not only did almost everyone see it coming, when the balls-up on raw happened, it made people scratch their heads even more!!

    what other people have said, is that they could’ve re-written the script and explained how show got involved another way – he did it to prove he was loyal to johnny so he’d take him back – or something like that.

    they simply didn’t notice the mistake. they went with the original script, the linch-pin of the whole show got it wrong, and they had to insult us by covering it up, because redoing the whole script would’ve taken time they didn’t have and potentially ruined the validity of the ppv match.

    lesnar had f*ck all to do with it.

  • Mark

    I think what would be really cool/funny is if vince would come out next week and “personally” address the fans and say i apologize for the error in our latest storyline involving the big show and that I would like you, the fan, to kniw that you have been heard and that as of this moment john lauranitis has been FIRED. that would breing back the wow and they could still keep him off camera like tna is doing with eric bischoff.

  • Mark

    We all know wrestling is fake. Th point is that as fans we do not care. As long as the story(ies) being told is/are entertaining then it does not matter. The problems is that the PRO-WRESTLING product is no longer fun or entertaining. There is no wow in it for the fans anymore and every attempt to do that has been an abissmal failure. Right now wrestling to me is right in there with Jersey Shore. I will continue to support wrestling fans, but I cannot bring myself to actually even try to watch it anymore.

  • stephanie

    I don’t care about script screw up. But if he said it then stand behind it. Because of mistakes it will cost you fans. Lesner had a verbal aggreement. Something smell like crap. Sorry. And NO I don’t like lesner and don’t want him back. Stephanie and triple H need to stop this or a fans are gonna be upset to the point of dropping wwe from thier life and thier lids life. One thing wwe has promoted has been NO BULLING> what the hell is Big Show showing….

  • poko

    Good god, people. Someone made a mistake. Laugh and move on. I’ve never seen people get so upset over something so completely meaningless in my life. Insult to your intelligence? Does that mean you actually believe all the OTHER shady things wrestling presents us with on a nightly basis? This stuff isn’t real and it doesn’t operate under the rules of reality, or else Lesnar would be in jail for assault, Laurinaitis would have been fired long ago for misuse of power, and Beth Phoenix would be Diva’s Champion.

  • scooter

    whoever nit picked about the firing should get a life!

  • shawn

    wow, they’ve lost their creative spark… a long time ago.

  • Tyler(:

    “Taking cena off tv for awhile” yeah… “OK Creative team, some fans on the internetz don’t like John Cena so we’re gonna take our biggest draw of TV”. -.-

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t think they have many people that know about wrestling writing these scripts.

  • mrfireman214

    I don’t really see how they fixed their mistake. (and I believe I read something about this on another post) They want you to believe that a verbal agreement between show & big Johnny is really valid and therefore doesn’t classify him(Show) as a WWE superstar, but is valid between big Johnny and Lesnar and he (Lesnar) should have the limo, private, jet and such. The only thing that Lesnar shouldn’t have is the name change, because he was only to get that if he won the match.

  • Jeff Miles

    This kind of mistake is something that really offends me. You make that mistake? You tell the writers to quickly fix it and change the script to accommodate the mistake. Don’t insult the fans by back tracking…there were storyline changes that could have been made, but instead WWE chooses to insult the fans intelligence. Vince SHOULD be pissed and some heads should roll….

  • Tina

    SheepDog, just because you want John off TV for awhile doesn’t mean everybody wants him off TV for awhile. There’s just as many John fans out there as there are John haters. So why would they take their big money maker off TV? That’s just not a smart business decision. Now granted, personally, John really needs the break, and they should be giving him that time to just relax and sort out his personal issues with the gold digger he unfortunately married. Besides, John is hardly Raw’s problem right now…Try looking at another Johnny, he’s the reason ratings are falling. I actually know more people that shut raw off when Big Johnny comes on than I do people that don’t watch Cena these days. Even my Cenation hating friends would rather watch a Cena match now than listen to 30 seconds of Big Johnny. That’s what’s killing the WWE.

  • Stevie P

    He probably already is but at least they tried to correct it. Better than ignoring it.

  • Dave

    So they spend millions on writers, and yet they miss something so blindingly obvious.
    I reckon Vince is gonna be pissed.

  • TheSheepDog

    so wwe will listen to fans correcting them, but when it comes to taking cena off tv for awhile, they no see? selective deafness at its finest