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SmackDown Backstage Fallout, WWE Upset with Beck’s Response?, More

– Here’s the latest Backstage Fallout from last night’s RAW:

– Former WWE announcer Jack Korpela will be the announcer for John LaRocca’s new Premier Wrestling promotion in California.

– Mick Foley had his praise for Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett after last night’s SmackDown main event:

“Really enjoyed tonight’s Smackdown main event. I see @VivaDelRio and @WadeBarrett as long term players in @WWE”

– Apparently WWE officials are upset about Glenn Beck turning down their invite for Monday’s RAW and may be planning something to mock him on the show. Dave Meltzer reported on that things are so serious Stephanie McMahon had the WWE writing team in the offices at 12:30am on a Friday night re-doing the script for Monday’s RAW.

  • Pewp

    Go have a cry, Glenn Beck himself is a bully and IS the personification of Zeb Coulter. When Glenn saw Zeb, he saw himself personified and made to look silly so it made him wet his bloody diaper.

  • Yeah, we don’t like Glenn Beck, so it’s okay to mock him.
    What a great message to send kids. Douchebag

  • David

    wwe is stupid. doing business with their ego

  • Will Henderson

    i smell an fake Glen Beck getting owned by Zeb and Jack on Monday.

  • d_pooch

    Why can’t WWE just revel in the media attention they are getting and leave it as-is. I mean, isn’t that the end goal anyway, to get people talking about you?

    If we all know that it is entertainment, then why do you need to get your point across so desperately, and at the expense of someone else no less?

  • scp2

    If they’re surprised that Beck didn’t want to play ball, maybe they really didn’t expect the blowback they’ve gotten.

    If that’s the case, then there are a lot of really dumb people at WWE HQ.

  • Scooter

    Glen Beck deserves to be mocked after all the morally disgusting things he’s said over the years.

  • Pewp

    Glenn Beck is a racist bully, who is the personification of what Zeb Coulter is designed to “mock”.

    I wonder if this could result in an unintentional “tweener turn” for Zeb and Swagger? (Face/Heel hybrid, like Angle/Austin ’99-’04”)

  • For Glenn Beck, I’d make an exception…

  • pandaaman

    Mock him on the show?