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Smackdown Social Media Score, Jericho Countdown Continues

– Friday’s WWE Smackdown’s social media score earned 58,536 on Friday compared to the yearly average of 55,449.

Smackdown ranked #4 on cable TV behind ESPN’s Euro 2012 coverage and Nickelodeon programming.

– Chris Jericho referenced Iron Maiden in a Saturday tweet: “7 deadly sins, 7 ways to win, 7 holy paths to hell and your trip begins. 7 downward slopes, 7 bloodied hopes, 7 are your burning fires, 7.”

Source: Trendrr.TV

  • Tyler(:

    Bad move Maxwell, you said CM Punk should of got in trouble, can’t say nothing bad about him on this site.

  • Maxwell

    you guys are messed up, like really bad.

  • adam

    A wwe champion should not be a role model for anyone no matter who it is cena bryan punk HHH. A wrestler should not be a role model. What punk said was stupid and he appoligized for it. What happened with jericho was dumb luck. He was just doing what heels do finding away to draw heat. THe face braught out the flag so they heel is like oh i will attack the flag. The main reason he is suspended is because Linda is running for senate and this was kind of a big deal.

  • poko

    I have a feeling you don’t quite understand how the real world works. I’ll try and break this down one more time. Let’s say you’re upper management for a huge corporation.

    One of your employees, in an official capacity for your company, breaks a law while on stage in front of thousands of people, in a foreign country that you’re trying to develop as a market, and almost gets arrested.

    Another employee says something mean on the internet while responding to something mean someone else said.

    And you’re telling me, from a public relations perspective, that you would punish the second guy more severely? No, you would not. You would attempt to show the officials and public of that foreign country that you respect their laws and customs, and that you take them seriously. It’s not a punishment, no doubt they hated suspending Jericho, but it’s a necessary PR move. The internet thing? You’d make your employee apologize, then you’d let it die down.

    That is what happened. It could happen a hundred more times and it would play out the same way. Now, you can continue to be upset about it, or you can realize that this is how business works, and you can get over it. The choice is yours.

  • Whatever

    7 days to go, time goes fast, hopefully the wwe can do something big with him.
    give him a title or something!

  • Maxwell

    Are you kidding me? Since there are no laws about people telling others to commit sucide, does it make it right? What Jerchio did was not right, but all he was asked to do by the policemen was apoliglize to the crowd which he did. Imagine that fan did commit sucide, would it be okay that Punk sugguested it just because its not breaking a law. Years from now, this fan could write a letter saying he/she thought about what CM Punk said and he/she was committing sucide. Just question this, a wwe championship is given to somebody who performs not only well on the mic, and ring, but in the back with the other staff, with the crowd, out in the real world, and CM Punk was not following that. Ask your self, if you can picture Cena doing that. Sucide is a horrible thing, just remember Chris Benoit. You can dislike my comments all you want, for all I care make several accounts and give me more dislikes because at the end of the day I am right, and we all know it. A wwe superstar, ESPICALLY the WWE Champion who is suposed to be a role model for all fellow co-workers and fans should not have said those words, and until he is “trainned” again on how to be a role model while in the top spot in WWE as Champion he should have been stript of the title, and if not suspended.

  • poko


    Give it a rest, please. The two things are not directly comparable.

    Chris Jericho broke a law and was almost arrested while performing for the WWE. CM Punk offended some people on the internet. The scale is not the same. The PR fallout is not the same.

    Jericho getting suspended was a shame, but he broke a law. Period. CM Punk did not. I didn’t like what Punk did, either, but it doesn’t matter.

  • Maxwell

    I still can’t belivie Jerchio got suspended for trying to make his character seem more real, and entertainning the crowd during a live house show, while The WWE champion told somebody to KILL THEMSELVES on the web where anybody can see his comments, and he is the WWE CHAMPION, if not suspended, he should have been stripted of the title, because the WWE fans, (since there are young ones now -_-) and the rest of the wrestlers need a good role model. If Jerchio got in trouble for that, that CM punk should have too. Not saying I dont like Punk, but what he did was much worse. I feel a public apology would have been good enough for Jerchio, which he did do.