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SmackDown Viewership Down On Syfy, Match Announced For Friday’s Show, Linda McMahon

— The premiere of WWE SmackDown on Syfy scored a 1.7 cable rating, with 2.5 million viewers, making it the most watched Friday night on the network in two years.

The program’s debut was considerably less than what it drew on MyNetworkTV, where it often garnered more than 3 million viewers on a weekly basis. The 2.5 million figure is down from the last released SmackDown viewership number, as the September 17 episode averaged 2.77 million viewers. (source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

— The WWE website announced today that Rey Mysterio will square off against Alberto Del Rio this Friday on SmackDown.

— Linda McMahon will debate Richard Blumenthal tonight at 7:00 p.m. The debate will be streamed lived at

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  • erik

    I mean imo why should i and other die hard wrestling fans watch wwe anymore? midgets running around hornswoggle lame old washup hosts who plug there book noone cares about. divas who can’t wrestle at all and are book terrible by stehaine and her writing team.

  • brody

    It was actually one of the worst episodes of Smackdown I’ve seen in quite some time. The entertainment bull**** belongs on raw, where it continues to fail to draw more viewers, and has failed for quite some time. Up until last friday, Smackdown was the show to watch for decent(not great, but decent) wrestling, with a fair share of uninteresting and unnecessary drama. Last friday, though, they kicked the entertainment into overdrive, and the show badly suffered as a result. Smackdown, on network tv and with decent wrestling, was clearly superior to raw as a whole. Smackdown, given the raw treatment, on a minor cable channel, is going to fail and go the way of Tough Enough/Nxt/Xfl. There’s no reason left to watch the show, now. Everything good about it has gone.

    One interesting thing to ponder, though. How will Vince & co. spin the eventual failure of Smackdown once it’s been converted into a raw clone, and the network dumps it anyway? As the show’s ratings continue to drop, you’ll probably see b- and c-list celebrities paid off to appear in a pathetic attempt to imitate raw even further, but what will they say when the show finally dies? What excuses will they throw out to explain its failure? I’m sorry to say it, but we’re probably going to find out.

  • Joe

    Actually moving SD to a channel that is not part of basic cable made the viewership go down. Good job WWE

  • idontknow

    ahh! COME On you people missed on of the most entertaming sd of all time.Now u guys made it a flop.