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SmackDown’s Yoshi Tatsu Discusses His New Look and Darker Style

– WWE’s website has a new storyline interview up with SmackDown Superstar Yoshi Tatsu. Here are a few highlights:

His new dark side:
“The Japanese wrestling style is different. I think everyone knows this. It’s aggressive. I needed to show Japanese culture, Japanese pride and the Japanese style of wrestling, too. I am sure my wrestling has changed.”

His new look:
“This is like The Great Muta. When I saw The Great Muta wrestling, I wanted to be a wrestler. It’s a tribute. But I am not Muta, I am Yoshi, I don’t want to cover the whole face. It’s my own style. But my inspiration is The Great Muta. I want to be the top in Japan and the United States,” Tatsu said. “I want to be the most famous Japanese wrestler in the world.”

  • Phoenix was probably just trying to point out In ring skills alone don’t make a wrestler, and that Austin and Cenas mic skills were what propelled them to the top (even though I’d argue that since Cena on the mic has bored the shit out of me for like 5 years nows) But nonetheless, Austin was never THE best wrestler at any point he was the top guy, even though you can’t really argue he was pretty damn good.

  • Jason

    Who cares about talking on the mic,as long as you can wrestle is all i care about.Tatsu deserves a shot…

  • David

    phoenix you gotta be kidding me. Austin is one of the all time great wrestler. You obviously haven’t been watching his matches with angle, hart, hbk, taker, rock.

  • shawn

    not so great wrestling skills? i dont agree pheonix, he showed he had some “technical” skills along with his spots.

    i wanna see yoshi tatsu, i dont have wgn america broadcasting. i can picture him butchering his opponents chests with his kicks.

  • phoenix

    @KitKrock Most people can wrestle better then John Cena. It’s the mic skills that boost your career. Point Stone Cold great mic skills not so great wrestling skills. I mean the only thing different is Stone Cold had others to take the load off.

  • KitKrock

    yoshi can wrestle better than john cena

  • CM Mark

    Why hell yeah, Muta was the man, before that was the great kabuki, most of you won’t know that guy. I hope he wears face paint and spits green mist. Awesome.