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Gene Snitsky Continues To Badmouth The Miz, Says No One Is Scared Of Him

Former WWE star Gene Snitsky, who took shots at The Miz throughout his reign as WWE Champion via Twitter, continues to belittle his former colleague.

During Chavo Guerrero’s Twitter diatribe of John Cena on Saturday, the third generation grappler took a potshot at The Miz. He wrote, “And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that..”

The former Heat headliner wholeheartedly agreed with Chavo’s critical assessment of The Miz.

“Well said chavo!” Snitsky typed. “Wtf is seriously scared of the fukn Miz? Ru kiddin me!!!!”

A follower of Snitsky’s said The Miz “is awesome,” to which he replied, “RU fukn kiddin me? Heez a putz and i mean that.”

He also ripped WWE Monday night for trying to insult the fans’ intelligence by implying that John Cena would be dismissed from the organization.

“Well here we go again with the wwe trying to insult our intelligence!” Snitsky wrote. “Does anyone really think John Cena is gettin fired? Wtf cmon rukidinme.”

Snitsky was backstage looking for work at last month’s SmackDown taping in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He revealed recently on Twitter that he was not offered a contract to return.

  • CC

    Fuck off Snitsky. Nobody was scared of you either, cause most people just laugh at your stupid ass.

    Yet another bitter twat who cant deal with the fact that fans actually like someone and dont like him.

  • rko

    and Hbk looked like an ass kicking bad ass? Somehow I think Snitsky is mixing up wresting with mma. This is sports entertainment.
    You’ve got to do better than that snitsky.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    Hey im a fan a chavo but yeah he sounds a bit bitter but you cant really blame him, he was very misunderused n booked as a jobber, had the cruiser weight tittle still be around hed probably still be around wrasslin other cruserweights n putting up a good show.
    +1 to bring back the cruiserweight tittle!
    Snitskys “IT WASNT MY FAULT” lol

  • Marky Mark

    Both of them are fucking faggets, bottom line. Lulz @ anyone being a mark of either guy. Both suck.

  • Greatness


  • Sammo

    Looks like Snitsky has been working a new catchpharse… A few years out and all he’s come up with is “R U kidding me?”. Must try harder.

    He’s obviously got some personal vendetta against The Miz. CM Punk has less muscle mass than The Miz, yet Snisky doesn’t seem troubled by him being champ and decking Cena.

  • Valo487

    Why is everyone taking issue with the Miz being intimidating? His character isn’t and has never been portrayed as a bad ass who can take anyone, so what difference does it make if no ones afraid of him? No ones afraid of Rey Mysterio either, but no one seems to think that’s a problem.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Am I the only one who finds it hard to take people seriously when they don’t spell properly being a grown man? It is like he is in “fukn” high school again.

  • Damkat

    Worked bingo halls and high school gyms…that’s what he has done!!

  • Dystre Fjell

    Snitsky’s not a has-been, he’s more of a never-was.

  • simon07

    Does it really matter if The Miz looks like anyone can beat him? Snitsky is putting his little insults on twitter while The Miz is one of the top guys in WWE. Snitsky was nothing but a jobber really who was their for comical value.

    Serious question though, what has he done since being fired?

  • Omar

    Ofcoarse he wasnt given a contract. He is bad mouthing the product and pushing of new stars. While Chavo comes off as a bitter has-been (though i agree that he wasnt utilized well), Snitsky isnt even a has-been.
    Give it a rest Snitsky, dont be Matt Hardy Version 2.

  • Damkat

    Well i guess I would say to Snitsky, at least the Miz has a WWE contract which is more than I can say about you. You were a boring wrestler, a boring entertainer and just all around bad. Maybe you should take some lessons from him on how to succeed in the wrestling business, he is obviously doing a lot better than you.