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B.J. Mendelson of SocialTimes has a story on why WWE distancing themselves from Chris Benoit since his career and life ended in a murder–suicide in June 2007 is damaging to the sports-entertainment organization in his eyes.

Benoit is not acknowledged by WWE on television, as references to the deceased Canadian grappler are solely limited to historical perspectives and matches on new video releases involving multiple wrestlers. For instance, when commentators mention the fact that only two men have won the annual Royal Rumble match starting from the number one spot, with Shawn Michaels being the first to do so in 1995, followed by Benoit in 2004, Benoit is not acknowledged.

Mendelson feels the exclusion of Benoit from many of the company’s properties creates a “black hole” and also sets a problematic precedent. He writes, “By erasing Benoit, WWE is erasing a good chunk of history within their fictional universe. This creates a black hole where his and other wrestlers storylines once existed. And since the true wealth of the WWE rests in its possession of the world’s largest video library of professional wrestling, creating a near limitless resource for DVDs, merchandise, retrospectives, and repurposed programming, you can see where creating a black hole could represent a problem for the company and its shareholders. Especially if this decision to delete a wrestler established a precedent that would be followed and expanded to include performers who did things the company, its shareholders, or the public frowned upon. Because they’re not only deleting the offending party, you’re also deleting the other wrestler’s match as well, which limits the exposure that wrestler has, hampers his or her ability to sell merchandise (which is how WWE determines which wrestler to put their efforts behind), and damages one of the key assets of the company.”

To read the article, click here.

  • Erik Kessler

    yeah i hear u rabid. he did bad thing. he did alot for industry in ecw wcw wwf-e 3 promotions in sports-entertainment pro wrestling. i don’t see wwe meintined beniot name on wwe tv. beniot been erase from all wwe memories from all footage. as if beniot never wrestle at all.

  • Erik Kessler

    beniot was great wrester, great tehcinal wrestler in wwe, sports-entertainment in ecw wcw also wwf-e in 2000-2007 he won world heavyweight title us title tag team title with angle royal rumble winner in 04. on summer of 2007 beniot did bad thing kil his 9 yr old son his wife nancy. beniot great wrestler he at end day did bad thing. wwe care about p.r beniot gave wwe bad press in media in 2007. that whay he not menitoned ever on tv. even in orton dvd came out few yrs ago beniot world title victory in summerslam 2004 was edit erase from orton dvd matches. i have old vhs tape of summerslam2004 9 yrs ago. orton dvd had beniot match orton winning world title 9 yrs ago erase. when comentators talk about orton being youngest world champion in wwe sports-entertainment history. they never say who he beat chris beniot!

  • rabid

    Ive always said the what the man did was tragic but what the athlet did for the industry was amazing… his character legacy shouldnt be defined by what he did in his final moments

  • The Killswitch

    Murder is murder. Both people loved him dearly, and neither death had any lesser or greater significance.

  • studlydudley

    Sucks that his kid and Nancy don’t exist anymore too!

  • studlydudley

    Kinda sucks that his kid and Nancy don’t exist anymore too

  • Mabry

    I kinnda understand WWE about this, but it really sucks that matches like the ladder match between Benoit and Jericho at the Royal Rumble or Benoit & Jericho vs the Power Trip dont exist anymore…. just to name a couple…

  • matt

    he is listed on the title histories on the wwe website, but ur not going to get a article or dvd dedicated to him anytime soon, the thing is u cant promote someone who is a murderer, everything he did in the ring in a “scripted sport” will never compare to how his final days went, so im srry i was a huge fan of his also but he can burn for what he did as far as im concerned, but i will say this, if he hadnt killed his son, the h8 for him would be far less than it is because almost too often l8ly do husbands kill their wives, not that it was ok what benoit did to nancy, but its more common in this sick world than killing a kid for god sake.

  • The Killswitch

    It’s really hard to defend what WWE is doing by erasing history; rich history of a talented man. What they’re basically doing is distancing themselves from the tragedy, and making sure the fans don’t remember Benoit as a hero and a legend, since in his final moments he would be remembered as a coward and a monster. I believe that despite what he did, he should at least be acknowledged for what he’s done for the company. I’m not saying he should be on the front page of a website or magazine, but if someone were to look up the title history of the U.S. title, he should be listed. Because it happened.

  • Chris E.

    Eventually WWE will start to integrate Benoit back into the catalog. It’s going to take some time, and rightfully so. Tough as Benoit was an outstanding wrestler and came up through the Hart dungeon and refined his trade in Japan. He has such a rich history in the ring. The tragedy of his final acts still grate on my heart, but I was a big fan of his, and followed his career from the outset so my nerves are still raw from his actions. As a longtime fan of the wrestler, I still think it is too soon for WWE to acknowledge his wrestling in their programming.

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