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Speculation on the Cena vs. Orton Finish at WWE TLC, More on Problems with WWE Creative

– It appears WWE has went back and forth on their plans for the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles since Survivor Series ended. When that pay-per-view was done, a WWE source said despite how it looked on TV, the plan was not to do a unification match. On RAW the next night, WWE went out of their way to not say the words “unification match” but now they are leaning towards having only one champion after Triple H’s most recent sitdown interview with Michael Cole. There has been some speculation that there may be some kind of finish at TLC where John Cena and Randy Orton grab each others belts, ending with Cena as the WWE Champion and Orton as the World Heavyweight Champion.

This all goes back to the panic within WWE creative that we noted earlier today.

“The creative team is burnt out and scared,” said one WWE source via “Scared of who might not be there too much longer. Not the type the stress anyone wants during the holiday season.”


  • Matthew Farrell

    Cena is one injury away from retirement. He should have taken more time out the last time in order to fully heal, and in the meantime build new stars. Although building new stars seems to be a foreign concept to wwe right now, they need to start preparing for when Cena eventually can’t carry the company.

  • JohnCena33


    actually a good idea. Although I am against title unification for both major ones, the idea of having king of the ring back would make it worth while. What would be cool is to have MITB and King of the Ring on the same PPV (One MITB match, King if the Ring semi finals and final rounds, then of course the Unified title being defended)

  • ddfindl

    They’re pushing an idea I feel should have been saved for WM30. I think it might be a teaser leading up to the real unification for ‘mania early next year, but without Cena and Orton involved (hopefully).

    The next logical thing to do at this point is to also unify the IC and US championships as well, because it makes very little sense to have two equal mid-card titles if there is only one of everything else. If they did do that, they should also consider possibly bringing back the cruiserweight championship to add a little something different to the mix.

    Its not really the number of titles that they have, its just what they represent. Like, right now you have over 40 wrestlers with potentially only 4 title-pictures (WWE, IC, Tag, Diva), so adding another mid-card title that doesn’t just mirror a different one, like one with some sort of stipulation attached to it (hardcore, cruiserweight/x-division, etc.) would add a different dynamic to the whole show without creating more of the same thing. I mean, obviously they aren’t going to bring back the hardcore belt because they are way more family friendly now, so cruiserweight or some variation of that would be a good fit, maybe even a TV title or something.

    The MITB briefcase is almost a title in-and-of itself also, so with only have one MITB briefcase to fight for, they could make room for a decent King of the Ring tournament that spans the length of two or three ppvs (1st round, 2nd round, semi-final, etc.) kinda like bound for glory and end it with the winner getting a trophy.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think Orton and Cena have many years left. IMO they should have done this at survivor series, a match with a possibility if a unified champ I think is to big for a minuscule ppv like TLC.