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Speculation on Location for WM 30 and Lawler’s WWE Future

– WWE Legend Jerry Lawler began making phone calls to a number of friends last night, including Michael Cole and Vince McMahon. Now that Lawler is looking to make a recovery, most of the discussion among the WWE wrestlers has been about how lucky Lawler was and speculation on whether or not WWE will allow him to wrestle again.

While there is no timetable yet for Lawler to return to his WWE duties, there is chatter among the wrestlers that he could make some kind of special appearance at the October 15th RAW from Nashville, Tennessee or the October 16th SmackDown tapings from his hometown of Memphis.

– For what it’s worth, there are people in WWE who think that WrestleMania 30 in 2014 will take place at Madison Square Garden, despite WWE running in the New Jersey/New York area for WrestleMania 29. We should know more in about six months as the decision will likely be made around the time of the 2013 Royal Rumble.

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  • Matt

    Jerry will never wrestle in WWE again. I’m surprised I haven’t read any speculation about who will replace him at commentary for the time he’s away. JR? Heyman? JBL?

  • Jon

    I agree Deva he shouldn’t wrestle anymore and I think the doctors will say it, but for a WM moment his comeback would be great for WM

  • Deva

    Jerry should not wrestle anymore, I know its a movie but does anybody remember “The Wrestler”. Ram had a match , had a heart attack afterwards, wrestle at the end of movie and looks like he died, well it seem so like in the movie, yes I know its far fetch but it can happen to jerry.

  • Prince

    Having WM 30 at the Garden is just a poor business decision. Tons of money would be lost due to the vast difference in attendance. It’s in that area this year, so just have it in a big stadium. Cowboy Stadium would be insane. They could fit over 100k in there easy.

  • Jon

    I still also think Vince has Cowboys stadium for WM30 on his mind. It would be free up that year.

  • Jon

    It would be up to the doctors to see that Jerry can return soon or not. My theory is just have him take time off and then make a grand comeback at WM 29.

  • mark

    Believe me with me being a dr that is too soon for him to make an appearance unless its via video link from his home. He needs until atleast the end of the year

  • Anon

    “We should know more in about six months as the decision will likely be made around the time of the 2013 Royal Rumble.”

    Um, do you realize it’s mid-September and 6 months from now is mid-March?!

    Pretty sure Royal Rumble is in January..

  • sam

    i think it would be nice if he was to make an appearence in his homestate especially how lucky he was, but i also hope he makes a full recovery before anything about his future is sorted

  • CC

    Yeah, cause wrestlers know exactly how long his recovery period is gonna be. Speculation and “chatter” is bullshit at the moment, and the only thing anyone should be talking about is that they hope he has a full recovery and returns when he is well enough to do so.