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Speculation on The Miz Turning Face, Averno Update, Christian, RAW in Ottawa

– Tickets for WWE RAW’s return to Ottawa on September 12th go on sale June 23rd at 10am.

– Dark Rising, the 2007 horror movie featuring Christian, is now available on Netflix.

– Averno lost his mask last night in the big match against La Mascara for the EMLL promotion in Mexico. Averno is expected to start with WWE soon.

– There has been speculation that WWE will be turning The Miz babyface after the new commercial for SummerSlam features him hanging out with other face stars on the beach. Word is that turning Miz face is not the plan and the video was just one of WWE’s “out of the box” ideas to market the pay-per-view.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    EMLL or CMLL? It doesn’t matter what their name is. lol.

  • keith learmonth

    I know wiki isn’t the most reliable source, but, hey, read what it says. Specifically…

    “The promotion is also referred to by its previous name Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL)”

  • yay

    But then The Miz is a bit like The Rock, in that Miz can draw people into any reaction he wants. i mean his i’m awesome catch phrase is a dead give away of it. he is a heel but fas sing along to that. So i wouldn’t mind seeing a miz face turn just as long as wwe don’t make it corny

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Miz can be face, he might as well already be one. He gets very little reaction as a heel unless he bashes the sports team… Hell, Vickie gets more heat than him just by saying “Excuse Me!”. Turn him face and put the guy out of his misery as a heel.

  • Bill

    Miz CAN be face, but he needs a feud with a guy like Jack Swagger to do it. With this A-Ry feud, a face turn isn’t possible in the near future.

  • Never seen anything dumbest making Miz heel, but, could build A-Ry by making Miz face, Alex can be heel and be built that way, but actually Miz being face, not in this world.

  • Camille

    Holy crap a typo this situation calls for Captain Capslock.

  • Bus

    Yeah, it not like EMLL changed their name to CMLL 20 years ago or anything.

  • Cody

    @ Goku

    You can call it “EMLL” or “CMLL” and you wouldn’t be wrong either way. CMLL used to be known as EMLL before the name change.

  • Cody

    @ Goku

    You can call it “EMLL” or “CMLL” and you wouldn’t be wrong either way. CMLL used to be knows as EMLL before the name change.

  • Jeff

    Miz turning face would be the dumbest thing WWE would ever do. He and CM Punk are the only heels worth a crap. And with rumors that Punk is leaving no one is left. Christian as a heel is stupid and Wade Barrett is the only thing WWE would have left.

  • bonerjams

    Lol true that goku these guys are fucking idiots
    No wonder everyone is always making fun of the wrestling-edge

  • Goku

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS CMLL!!!!!!