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Speculation on a Batista Return, Awesome Kong-WWE Rumors, McCool

– Michelle McCool was back on the road for WWE live events this past weekend, indicating that The Undertaker is doing well recovering from surgery. As noted before, it’s now expected that he will work WrestleMania 27 this year. McCool had been given time off from live events to stay at home and tend to her husband, The Deadman.

– There are rumors that Awesome Kong will make her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, possibly in the Divas Title match with Natalya defending against Layla & Michelle McCool.

– There are still people that believe Batista will want to return to WWE in 2011, noting that he lives an expensive lifestyle and likely can’t make near the money WWE was paying him doing other things. WWE obviously isn’t banking on a Batista return anytime soon since they brought Mason Ryan to the main roster and didn’t change his look.

Currently there are no plans on the WWE side for a Batista return.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Chad

    David has made contact with TNA owner and is aparently making some sort of deal. as for now, nothing is official and there is no reason to belive that you will see him in action in TNA or the WWE for that matter.

  • Brenda

    Now, I am an old lady but i can tell Batistas body when I see it, even if they put a sack over his head they can’t hide that great body. I think they probably put body spray on the tattoos. They can’t change his ears either; he had elf ears, although they are cute. WWE you may fool some people but you can’t fool me.

  • shawn

    good point WB
    a wrestler made to look like another wrestler=saaaaad

  • WB

    I think the PG stuff will be changing very soon. If the stocks are dropping.. then the people who own those stocks will be not happy. I believe they will have to change things up to make investors happy.. and Vince, being one of them.. he won’t stand for it. So, if things are true & the 4th quarter was rancid & those investors are leaving.. things will change almost immediately.

  • mark

    bolux to him , he left due to him not like the PG product. as long as that remains the same, doubt he will come back

  • Chandler

    She should debut in the royal rumble match

  • xXx

    looks like kong will be an enforcer for lame-cool after all.. looks like natie will lose her title

  • Evil Doink

    Yeah, be careful Batista, you don’t want to end up like Flair!!