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Controversial Guest Host for RAW Next Week, Kanye-WWE Rumors, and more

– Jim Ross has updated his blog at Here are some highlights:

Tonight will be Lilian Garcia’s last night as the ring announcer on Monday Night Raw. Lil, a South Carolina native, has been a mainstay on Monday night’s since 1999 and will be missed. Lilian told me that she was going to be forming a band and I can see her staying busy with, potentially, a multitude of music oriented projects plus she’s getting married next month, as I understand it.

I even saw on the ‘net that it was alleged that WWE had offered Kanye “$10M” to step in the ring and wrestle which is so outlandish and ridiculous that it’s insane. I can see why some wrestling websites do all they can to distance themselves from other sites as I read recently where I was in another state having a clandestine meeting with a company which was totally untrue. There was no meeting nor was I in the city that I was, according to a wrestling website, seen by eye witnesses.

The Reverend Al Sharpton is guest hosting Monday Night Raw next week for the show that emanates from Albany, New York. Reverend Al is a charismatic individual who definitely elicits a response out of a wide spectrum of individuals. It will be interesting to see how Reverend Al defends himself when the main stream media comes after him asking Sharpton why he’s appearing on Monday Night Raw. Hey, I think it’s a fun idea as Sharpton has a quick wit and can be awfully entertaining at times and I will definitely watch Raw to see how things go but you can bet your last rib that Reverend Al will be raked over the coals by some near sighted good on one of the seemingly endless news programs because of next Monday’s Guest Hosting role.

Read the blog in its entirety here.

  • DK Monster

    Why would anyone involved in Politics appear on WWE..

  • Jason

    im tired of the guest host i think shane or stephanie should take over again or bring in somebody like jim cornette

  • Matt


    He only speaks out against racial injustices against blacks. During the Duke Lacrosse rape case, he never apologized to those white kids who were innocent after leading a witch hunt against. Sharpton is nothing more than a racist bigot. I hope the fans give him and the WWE major heat.

  • theradical

    chris you dont know what you are saying kabas. he might be boring for you but for jr tastes he might not be boring…al sharpton can make raw entertaining if he acts himself and takes the role seriously…he can make the white hate him by the things he will say and that would be entertaining and probably will make him the best ever guest host gm!. The crowd will defientley respond to the things al sharpton will say 🙂

  • Kinnaird

    Al sharpton is not a racist. he only speaks out against racial injustices. its not like he condems all whites, but he will speak when inequality against blacks occurs

  • Chris

    JR’s a great commentator but he tends to find boring people entertaining.

  • Chris

    Of course someone as old and boring as JR thinks Al Sharpton will make an entertaining guest host. Are you kidding me, any random stranger on the street could do a better job.

  • njsteve

    I’ve been watching RAW from afar since it’s decline in the past two years, but it’s just sad now. Will Sharpton’s co-host be a KKK member? The bottom line to this is that Linda McMahon is running for Senator from CT…this is a really cheap way to get the black vote. The whole desperation to be “in” with Hollywood has stopped me from being a weekly viewer, besides the really mediocre talent. People hate on The Rock for not coming back, but in reality who can blame him? Could you imagine a rated PG Rock? LOL Please Vince, step down and give to someone other than a McMahon.

  • scooter

    again who?

  • nottingham

    Sweet… a race baitor hosting the show!