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Spoiler on the Original Sin Cara’s WWE Status

– At tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the new Sin Cara (formerly Hunico in WWE developmental) lost to Daniel Bryan by DQ when he wouldn’t stop beating Bryan down in the corner.

After the match, the original Sin Cara (formerly Mistico) made his return to WWE and confronted the fraud Sin Cara in the ring. The two had a staredown and that was it.

As noted before, WWE has been planning on doing a Cara vs. Cara feud and it looks like we’re getting it after all.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Their? They? Hunico does just fine, it is Cara that screws everything up. In the end The original Cara will stay because good always has to win in the WWE…

  • scsa852k

    Los Botchos running wild

  • venom

    Chances are this match will be at Hell in a Cell ppv.

  • blue4everd

    Guys! They’re both Mexican! So they must have the same wrestling techniques unlike other wrestlers from WWE…this match can have potential! I’m telling you!!

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    sounds like a good match to me

  • Ricardo

    They won’t stop botching moves. That’s like asking dogs to stop barking.

    It’s such a waste of time on two nobodies with a beat storyline (Kane vs. Kane, anybody?). It’s hard to imagine why even a “5 year old PG-branded non-IWC uninformed fan” (good one Bawb) would buy into Sin Crapa.

  • mark

    sounds a good storyline, just hope they stop botching their moves

  • Stone Cold Truth

    Why the hell is D-aniel Bryan a blacklist term?

  • Stone Cold Truth

    Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara – Night of Champions plz

  • Trixie

    oh god, really. ugh.

  • JIR

    rofl @Bawb the only thing I don’t like is when any site posts the same article twice

  • Bawb

    If only they had a 5 year old PG-branded non-IWC uninformed fan commenting on SD! while watching this.

    “Two Sin Cawas? What da fawk?!”

  • Buttercastle

    God dammit I wish I went to this show too!