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Spoiler: First Name Revealed for WWE’s Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

– It will be announced on tonight’s WWE SmackDown that Big Show is the first participant in one of the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at next month’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Our correspondent sent word that Show declared he will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Title shot.

As noted before, WWE will hold a ladder match for both RAW and SmackDown, like last year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

  • Dave

    I’d pay to see that. He used to be able to do a pretty good moonsault. But many pies have passed his lips since then.

  • Big black clock

    I hope big show does a shooting star press off the ladder

  • ratt

    so it’s time for Cena to finally win the money in the bank match ? or at least compete in it ?

  • Aiden1990

    For the love of god whyyyy !!!!

  • Diesel

    Big Show seriously?? I get they’re pushing for him to be a heel again but come on the guy needs to stay away from these sort of things, it was bad enough watching Nash trying to climb the lader in his match against HHH… Ok when it come to agile “big men” you think of Taker, Kane, Bam Bam Bigelow, Mike Awesome, hell even Brock Lesnar, but Big Show ain’t one of them.

    I say give it to some of the younger guys that haven’t had much of an oportunity and get them into or even back into the title picture. Guys like Wade Barrett, R- Truth, Ziggler, Swagger, McIntyre & Kofi Kingston for example who can also do all the high risk stuff AND get back into the spotlight a bit.

    Hell those 6 right there you’d have a pretty exciting match!

  • Matt

    What would be more interesting… is if Big Show WANTED in the MITB match and was not allowed because of his size, something along the lines of him having no chance because he’s too big to climb the ladder or something like that. Then you’d have a story about a guy being told he can’t do something and wanting to prove he can and holy shit, one just may be interested in the match.

  • chronoxiong

    What moves will Big Show be able to do in this match? Oh wait, none! Good idea WWE!!!!

  • crazy man


  • Little Jimmy

    Here’s the Complete MITB 12 line up:

    The Big Show, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Lord Tensai, Hornswoggle, Kane, Ezekiel Jackson & the Funkasaurus.

  • No Name Required

    This is a concept that changed wrestling, It was the inspiration for countless other gimmick matches in other companies, It influenced the x division title being cashed in at destination x, and instead of putting athletic up and comers in the match they put in Big Show. WWE you know better.

  • CC

    Oh for fucksake, why cant WWE just accept certain wrestlers should not be part of ladder matches. They dont have to all be high flyers, but putting guys like Show and Mark Henry in this type of match is laughable. As said above, when it comes to big guys, the likes of Kane are fine, but when it comes to overweight big guys or guys like Khali who can barely walk, they have no place in ladder matches.

  • Falsa Idol

    The worst thing is, I have a bad feeling Show’s going to win it aswell, which is ridiculous!!

  • Jimbo

    NO! Bad WWE!!! Now go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done!

    Seriously, Show can barely move around the ring, how is he going to climb a ladder?

  • Dave

    Guess we’re going to have a repeat performance of Show spending half an hour trying to get his special ladder into the ring again.

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    Ugh, because Big Show is really going to be able to do a flying splash off the ladder!!!

    If you are going to put a big man in the match at least get a big man that is able to move well (Kane, etc.)