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– Cassidy Haynes sent word that during last night’s RAW, WWE aired a commercial for the May 5th SmackDown event in Asheville, North Carolina. The commercial advertised a Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan match for the World Heavyweight Title and teases that Bryan retains his belt at WrestleMania 28 in Miami.

The same ad aired for the May 6th SmackDown show in Charleston, West Virginia. Here is the commercial, courtesy of Cassidy:

  • Tyler

    If WWE has Bryan win at WM that will be the biggest mistake in the history of WWE as well as WM Bryan hasn’t proven anything to be in the main event

  • RandomHero

    To whoever posted this you do know the victory it’s talking about is the one at Elimination Chamber last month right? are you that stupid? it even shows the chamber encounter between the two when it says it

  • Turd Ferguson

    Please. PLEASE. stop reporting about “live events after a PPV” where someone is still champion. it’s not a spoiler. it wasn’t a spoiler 15 years ago, and it’s not now. Every one of these “possible spoilers” has the current change as the future champ.

  • Nicholas G

    I don’t see Sheamus not walking out of Wrestlmania not World Champion. Smackdown needs a strong face that is going to be around for a while. The Undertaker and Edge are all but gone. Randy Orton I still feel will end up back on Raw after the Draft so to me Sheamus could be an will be the face of Smackdown. To have him not win the World title at Wrestlmania would kill everything Sheamus has work so hard for. I also think it was a big mistake not letting Del Rio not win the World title at WM last year. Hey I like Edge a lot know it was his last match but it hurt Del Rio a little bit by not letting him win last year at WM. So I don’t see them making the same mistake twice.

  • LSC


    Sorry just thought I’d pull a D Bry moment – Cheeks turn red –

  • heyfit

    thank god that white prick sheamus didnt win.
    he’s so lame.

  • peter piper

    If Brian wins I will quit watchin wraslin

  • Ultracunt

    I wanna stick my dick in AJ’s ass.

  • Second City Saints

    was hoping for Cody vs big show either way im pumped for wrestlemania

  • shawn

    i couldn’t hear that video for shit. card subject to change as the WWE change thier bookings a lot, so ive heard many times from this site.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Cards are subject to change. I wouldn’t consider it a spoiler at all,it’s just a deafult advertisement, if they mentioned a new champion people would be less likely to buy the PPV’s. Plus there is Extreme Rules (if it is still an event) and Bryan could win the championship back then.

  • cakes

    I could see the match going either way, but at the same time, the WWE (surprising) has done a great job of building Bryan as a champion. Beating Show and Henry in a Cage match at RR and winning the EC match has made him look extremely legit. But they’ve been rebuilding Sheamus since MITB and the truth is that the WWE needs to reestablish credibility towards the royal winner. Cena, Orton, Edge, and Del Rio have all won the last couple rumbles but lost at the WM main event.

  • adam

    That would be awesome. I could see that match going eitehr way. I mean its hard to believe they would have both hte world and wwe title changing hands and i think there is a strong possiblity jericho wins the wwe title.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @The Jimmy

    Stop posting spam like that.

  • Nick

    ^Can I have some

  • Sean Mooney

    Card subject to change.

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