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*Spoiler* Former WWE Diva Scheduled For Tonight’s Impact Taping

Gail Kim, who recently parted ways with WWE, is scheduled to return to TNA Wrestling at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando.

Kim claimed last week during an interview with SunSport that she expects to return to TNA, but is in no rush.

“Right now I’m on a little hiatus,” she said, “I told myself I’d take a little break. They didn’t let me quit so I was forced to take a break!

“I’m not retiring from wrestling, I can say that. I always said – I said it in my last interview with TNA on a Knockout’s DVD – that I always felt like I would return there one day. I’d love to finish up my career there.”


  • venom

    Gail Kim will be whining on twitter saying i am finally being used. blah blah blah. who cares?

  • MrDr3w

    The hardys have a better chance of getting locked up long-term than returning to wwe.

  • HR

    Quiet as it’s kept, Jeff will be back in the WWE as well lol!!!

  • adam

    Matt will most likely end up back in the wwe once he is done in there rehab program

  • b c mitchell

    Who cares about Gail Kim returning. No big surprise really. She’s gonna be pissing and moaning this time next year about not being used enough and missing wwe. Where’s she gonna go when impact is closed?

  • MLucero

    How many times are certain people going to jump back and forth from WWE to TNA and back to WWE again? I bet Matt will be back in WWE again and then end up back with Jeff in TNA.

  • Just hope that Gail Kim can bring the Knockouts Division back to its former glory.

  • really

    they will probably make her champion within a month.

  • i can’t believe they let that turncoat back.

  • Freakzilla

    Why would you care about women when you’re a known paedophile hence the Cena love to lure little boys. You sick freak

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Gail please do some squats or something and grow an ass. Then you might be plesant to look at.