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Spoilers: Big Update on Hulk Hogan’s Announcement from TNA’s Tapings

– In an update on the September 29th TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from last night’s tapings, the special announcement Hulk Hogan was referring to was at the Impact tapings in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 21st. Hogan teased that he would have more details on his last appearance in the ring at those tapings. Those tapings on September 21st in Tennessee would air on October 6th going into Bound For Glory.

During the promo at last night’s tapings, besides teasing his retirement, Hogan put over the stars of TNA like James Storm, Robert Roode and others.

There’s no confirmed word yet if Hogan’s retirement is all a part of the storylines or if he really is stepping away from the ring and TNA in general. Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s contracts with TNA are set to expire this fall. There’s a feeling backstage that Hogan has been looking to leave for some time now.

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  • renz

    good, and while there leaving take russo with u

  • shawn

    hogan and bischof turned heel last year to have a satisfactory send off for this fall.

  • RUSTanator

    hogan leaves tna and joins kevin nash in wwe and rebuilds the nwo. 😉

  • Shawn

    Hogan will be on Raw before or around WrestleMania 28. Book it!

  • CC

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling. And let us also not forget that he did the deal to work with THQ & WWE on the recent All Stars game, meaning he certainly isnt against working with WWE even while currently being signed with TNA.

  • blue4everd

    Guys! Remember wjen hogan said he was gonna turn face??? This is it!! So I’m thinking it’s probably a work..:/

  • jimbo jones

    Hogan just wants in on the Cena vs Rock match, brother! What better man to induct the Rock into the Hall of Fame than his opponent from 10 years ago at Wrestlemania where they blew the roof off the joint ,brother. better yet, what if the punk-hhh storyline is gonna be a way for Hogan to get back in WWE and is revealed as the anonymous RAW GM the whole time he worked in TNA and try to do a corporate take over with Nash, dude! OH BROTHER! BROTHER! BROTHER! nWo 4 Life!!!!!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    JIR you are forgetting this is the same man who is broke from his divorces and tried to sue a damn cereal company… He is a greedy money hungry old man. Anything is possible.

  • JIR

    @payaso stop being a clown he won’t go back to WWE for sometime

  • Boondock Saint

    @Gary and hopefully a better TNA will meen a better WWE as well.

  • Gary

    Get rid of hogan and russo grab paul heyman, i think tna would actaully do better

  • payaso

    he is going back to WWE! Wait and see!

  • venom

    This is a work. he isn’t going to leave. TNA is trying to mess with the IWC like WWE is doing.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    lol wanting to leave for some time now i thought the deal was either tna or hogan can walk away from each other at anytime. Its gotta be a story so they can try and capatalize on one last hulkamania run. But if he does leave take russo and bishcoff and a few other with you

  • MJ

    its a swerve people!!!! Vince russo is trying to swerve us!!!!!!

  • Controversy = Cash

    There truly is a God 😀

  • Ryan

    oh how right i was?!