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*Spoilers* Plans For This Year’s Lethal Lockdown Match At TNA Lockdown

The Lethal Lockdown match at TNA Wrestling’s annual Lockdown pay-per-view event on April 15 at Tennessee Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee will pit teams led by Garrett Bischoff and Eric Bischoff.

The Garett Bischoff led team will consist of Garrett Bischoff, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Gunner and Kazarian have been confirmed for Eric Bischoff’s team. The fifth competitor may be Eric Bischoff himself.

The stipulation for the match will be that if Eric Bischoff’s team loses, he will forced to leave TNA Wrestling (programming).


  • OrkyBoy

    Regardless of the team “Captains” it looks like it will still be a good match.

    Also, if we get to see Eric B getting beat up in a cage it is a definite must watch! An Austin Aries Brainbuster on EB would be brilliant!!!

  • adam

    How much you want to bet Garrett as captain turns on his own team and joins Eric just for the hell of it.

  • Angry benny

    Funny, no jason comment yet!

  • scooter

    four former world champions, the current x-division champion and baby bischoff is the team captain……

  • adam

    WOW what a waste having both garrett and eric neither of them can do shit in the ring come on

  • SYM

    @## Cleaning their Jock straps? WTF!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    @ Ant

    No, it’s not going to happen. Garrett sucks. And he’s not at all likeable. As a person, maybe. But as a performer, he’s greener than goose shit and BECAUSE his daddy got him on the show, that’s why people will never respect him. I’m sure the “boys in the back” don’t, for that reason alone. If he does a complete turnaround and starts cutting promos like Shawn Michaels and wrestling like Kurt Angle, then I’ll eat my words. But I’m sure I’ll starve long before that. Garrett sucks, bottom line.

  • Ant

    itd be funny if garrett came with some sort of new gimmick and all of a sudden started getting over with the fans and becoming a big star cuz then everyone talking shit about him would have to shut the hell up bwahahaha

    not saying itll happen tho

  • poko

    Never thought I’d pull for Garrett Bischoff, until now.

    People make too big of a deal about this, though. It’s not like Garrett is in the title picture, and all promotions have dumb, meaningless mid-card feuds and gimmicked pushes. I haven’t seen many Impact episodes recently, but he didn’t wrestle at all in any of the ones I have seen, so he’s hardly getting pushed to the top.

    Still, I do wish Eric Bischoff would stop thinking any program he works on should revolve around him. Other than that, who cares, it’s a relatively minor storyline.

  • ##

    Bitch Mitchell not b c Mitchell

  • Valo487

    Next time Jason starts flapping his gums about TNA’s superiority, someone remind him that the main event of Lockdown was team Garrett Bischoff vs. team Eric Bischoff. What a waste.

  • b c Mitchell

    Their not there

  • uhhhh lol

    y do u think, wtf?!?

  • ##

    AJ Styles, Austin Aries and RVD on a team LED by Garrett Bischoff is WRONG! This guy is not the future!!! He does not have “IT”!! This guy should be carrying there bags and cleaning there jock straps like Jason does. Mr. Anderson shoud be the only one announced so far.

  • Dave

    Because Daddy says so.

  • Drake F3lix

    Why do they insist upon pushing Garett?