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Spoilers: TNA One Night Only – Old School PPV Results

– TNA taped their One Night Only: Old School pay-per-view last night in Poughkeepsie, NY. This event will air some time in 2014. Here are the results:

* Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt.

* Ethan Carter III defeated Dewey Barnes.

* Bully Ray defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight.

* Kazarian, Daniels and Velvet Sky defeated Bro-Mans and Lei’D Tapa with Eric Young as special referee.

* Magnus defeated Samoa Joe to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

* Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm in a Last Man Standing match.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.

  • nobody

    Keeping the belt in the mid-card, good move. It properly ranks it as trash, and reminds the fans that 3 former WWE guys are “Ranked above the belt”.

    TNA => Out of business in 2 years or less.

    Dixie won’t get “handy’s” from dad and mom forever and she has failed for over 10 years, with a roster that has included true greats like Booker T, RVD, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, “Kharma Kong”, they had Austin Ares over like Daniel Bryan on fire, and they threw it away for nothing. They had Samoa Joe finally win it, and they threw it away and did nothing with it. They had AJ Styles win the belt and discovered a way to ruin that, too. They had Robert Roode over as a real heel, a believable heel, and threw that away. They had resurrected the TV Title concept, only to trash it after not having TV title defenses, they even had an effing “Legend’s Champion”.

    TNA has had all the right guys, opportunities to promote and market themselves, put over their talent, lend their talent to any project willing to associate with them from B level movies using a few guys to sending guys to appear at Bellator, UFC and Roller Derby events, sending stars tickets with their family to NBA games. Anything to get their faces on television, anything to get the brand out.

    No, instead they book the dumbest crap to occur on Pro Wrestling since Katie Vick! They have embarrassing crap happen, that encourages any TNA fan to keep their mouth shut and hide the fact that they watch TNA. They don’t wanna be embarrassed by “You like this garbage, man…?”, I remember back when WCW was promoting “Nitro Parties” and it worked. It didn’t work forever but it got the name out. College and high school kids began watching and most importantly, getting their little brothers hooked.

    TNA needs to either shape up and let someone with 2 ounces of booking talent do things correctly, or fold. Very few of the TNA wrestlers would be welcome in WWE, and you know why? Because they, like the “ECW Legends”, most of them aren’t really stars and have no real value or market. Some of them do, that is undeniable. Some of them could job to Drew McIntyre, Christian and Fandango on Main Event a few times.

    Maybe if the majority of the TNA roster is lucky, they might get 2 years in NXT to prep them. Then they will be given dumb names and gimmicks that nobody could get over with and if they are lucky, they will be released before their value goes to nothing.