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Possible Spoilers for Tonight’s TNA No Surrender Pay-Per-View

– Advertisements for upcoming TNA live events list Winter as the Knockouts Champion and Austin Aries as the X Division Champion.

This could indicate that at least two title changes are planned for tonight’s No Surrender pay-per-view or this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings.

Winter will challenge for Mickie James’ Knockouts Title and Aries will challenge Brian Kendrick for his X Division Title at tonight’s TNA No Surrender pay-per-view.

  • adam

    @JD they could put the title on sting and have sting bs hogan for the title. Then hogan will get the title and hogan bichoff and russo’s vision of the new tna will be complete.

  • venom

    I was going to say Angle should drop the belt this ppv, but to who? I thought Anderson was pretty boring as champion and I never know if he is a heel or face.

  • JD

    I doubt Angle will drop the belt considering TNA is building toward Sting/Hogan at Bound for Glory and I can’t see Anderson getting the belt again. I’m pretty much expecting him to drop it to the BFG Series winner though.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Tna needs to stop and change there formating and tv production because you would think that if you kinda know what the outcome of there events are going be it would hurt ppv sales and and ratings oh ya and get rid of hogan,bishoff and russo they are cancers to wrestling companys those three men were responsible for the fall of wcw so why the hell would tna let them all work together again. If David Arquete comes to tna i quite Tna for ever

  • venom

    Maybe Angle will drop his belt due to the DUI charges.

  • Andrew


    I would’ve agreed with you but that “listing Austin Aries as X Division Champ” part kinda makes me wonder a bit…..then again, cards are always subject to change…

  • adam

    For aries i think its stupid they spoiled it already but i could kinda see it coming ever since he came back they have been kind of marketing him as a future X champ. For winter they change that belt to much if they are putting it back on her they mine as well not have her lose. Allthough it could of been a mistake as she is was former champ so they might not of adjusted it.

  • Matt

    I expected Aries to win but Winter? Come on TNA that’d be three Knockout Title changes in a month.