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Spoilers: Updated Details from Last Night’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

– Thanks to Randy for the updated details from last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Bakersfield, CA:

* The opening segment had Teddy Long and Randy Orton. Orton talked about moving on from Orton and that’s when Teddy announced the 20 man battle royal for a new #1 contender. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes came out. They talked about Legacy and Randy RKO’d Ted. Cody wanted to win the battle royal and get a title shot but Teddy booked him against Zeke in the IC Title rematch.

* There was a segment with Teddy and Zack Ryder. Ryder has invited Alberto Del Rio to SmackDown. Aksana appeared and flirted with Teddy some more, saying she knows why they call him “Long.”

* They did a nice video package for Justin Gabriel before he beat Tyson Kidd.

* There was a backstage segment with tension between Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali.

* Alberto Del Rio cut a promo before he beat Daniel Bryan, talking about his 1 year anniversary in WWE. Del Rio challenged anyone to come out and that’s when Daniel Bryan did. This was the match of the night and went longer than the others. The crowd loves it. Del Rio attacked Bryan after the match which brought out Sin Cara to make the save.

* After AJ Lee and Kelly Kelly beat Natalya and Alicia Fox, Fox and Natalya argued. This led to Natalya taking Alicia down and putting her in the Sharpshooter.

* Randy Orton was on commentary for the battle royal. There was no Christian in the match but like you said before he was in the dark main event. Sin Cara was over big time in the match and made several eliminations. The crowd was really into it when it came down to he and Mark Henry, who won. At best I can remember, here are the orders of elimination for the battle royal. I think Daniel Bryan was shown in the graphic but don’t think he was in the match.

Johnny Curtis
Yoshi Tatsu
Trent Baretta
Cody Rhodes
Zack Ryder
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
The Great Khali
William Regal
Justin Gabriel
The Uso Brothers, at once by Cara
Tyson Kidd
Jinder Mahal
Ted DiBiase
Wade Barrett
Sin Cara
Winner: Mark Henry

  • knightcon

    Blue blazer (love the Owen tribute) alberto was drafted in the 2021 draft. Zach is a raw guy but HHH made him Long’s assistance as well. As for the third thing100% true!

  • Blue Blazer

    First of all,wasn’t Alberto Del Rio already on Smackdown, but then morphed over to Raw, or was he traded?

    Second, isn’t Zack Ryder a Raw superstar?

    Third, Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry = Snooze Fest

  • Cool Mark Punk

    @ The Shift, i doubt it. They will more than likely have Orton fued with “The Worlds Strongest Man” to put over how awesomely strong and incredible Orton is. Henry will be bured, again.

  • The Shift

    Quick thought here. Would theWWE possibly give Mark Henry a title run as a way of saying thanks for his service to the company. He has been with them for 15 years and I can’t recall him causing any negative press. He has had to deal with some very stupid storylines and you don’t read about him complaining about it. Last year they gave Kane a run as a champ as a way of saying thanks, is it henrys turn.

  • Statch

    I’m hoping the rivalry between Henry and Sheamus doesn’t get sidelined. Would’ve loved Sheamus to win the Royale as him v Orton would’ve made a stronger main event. I’m also surprised that it was down to Henry and Cara and the push that Cara is receiving given the current situation.

  • kpnuttzlol

    Wwe’s Roster is relatively thin and has changed rapidly in just 2 years. We have seen Batista leave, Jericho Leave, Edge Retire, Undertaker vanish, Michaels Retire, Triple H inactive (as a competitor) and many more.

    Smackdowns Roster is really lacking depth aswell and has for a long time. Ever since the 2010 draft when alot of the big names moved brands. Undertaker and Kane are both shelved so that makes it look a little weaker.

    Henry winning isn’t so bad though.His matches bore me but he does deserve a main event push since he has worked with the company a long time.

  • Fizzy

    @Seth .. Its a little typo mate, He means “moving on from christian”

  • Seth

    Orton talked about moving on from Orton?

  • Stevie P


    Overall the WWE roster is incredibly thin. This is why they should just eliminate the brandings, scale back PPV’s and consolidate the rosters.

  • evilangel

    I agree with mark.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Jimbo, beer apparently is PG too

  • Jimbo

    OK, blood and hardcore matches aren’t PG, but dick jokes are?

  • rko

    WWE writer are really sick.

  • sam

    i thought they said that cody rhodes wasn’t in the battle royal

  • mark

    I have to say looking at those contenders in the battle royal, Is it me or does the smackdown roster lack depth and noticeable stars