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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 6/14/2013

– Thanks to Chris Lea (@ShoSmoove) and Ben Smith for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Greensboro, North Carolina:

* Daniel Bryan comes out to kick off SmackDown. He cuts a promo and is very over with the crowd. Kane comes out and Bryan says he’s breaking up Team Hell No so he can be tag champions with Randy Orton. Kane says they won’t win. Bryan asks if it’s because Kane thinks he’s the weakest link. Kane chokes Bryan and Orton comes out to stop him. Orton says if Kane hurts Bryan, he hurts his team for Sunday. Orton threatens to RKO Kane. Bryan says he doesn’t need help. The Shield appears on the big screen and laughs. They love the problems going on in the ring. SmackDown goes to commercial.

* Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro is next. Cesaro comes out and says he will play host to Sheamus’ Irish wake. Sheamus wins the match with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus suffered a nasty gash in his back after being thrown into the steel steps.

* As Sheamus is leaving, Damien Sandow attacks him from behind on the entrance ramp.

* Heath Slater beat The Great Khali after hitting a DDT. 3MB distracted Khali and Hornswoggle was involved.

* Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston when Del Rio pinned Ziggler.

* Chris Jericho is backstage talking about his match against CM Punk but is interrupted by Paul Heyman. Jericho says the match will be a rare one and will exceed expectations.

* Aksana vs. Kaitlyn is up next. Kaitlyn slaps the referee and Aksana runs away. No winner is announced.

* Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett is up next. Barrett says they could get hurt so they should wait and fight on Sunday at Payback. The Miz comes out and says everyone wants to see them fight now. Axel pins Barrett to win the match. Miz lays out Axel with a Skull Crushing Finale after the match.

* Randy Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan beat Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in the main event. Bryan made Rollins tap out to get the win. Lilian Garcia made an announcement that it was the first time The Shield has ever been defeated in six-man action.

  • Dan

    I’m disappointed they had the Shield lose, though I understand Bryan is riding so high at moment. I just thought would have been great if they had the Wyatt Family be the first to beat them in a standard 3v3 match (have them trade a few victories) so the Wyatt family immediately appears as strong as the Shield is.

  • Mohamed El Katatnee

    So Heath Slater is Actually Getting Some Victories again and Cesaro is Getting a Push ( I Know he has been Defeated By Sheamus but he is still getting a Push ) Rey Mysterio is Likely Returning on Summerslam . The Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship actually have a Feud . Vince Mcmahon has Turned Heel , They Are Finally Caring about The Tag Team Division again . and believe it or not , The Divas Division is Getting Interesting .

    I Like It !

  • Pewp

    Heath Slater wins a match! Oh, it was against Great Khali.

    I guess that Heath Slater beat the former World Champ, eh?

  • Pewp

    Lilian must have forgotten the elimination match when Super Cena beat them.