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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – June 25th

by Amish Patel - Jun 22, 2010

– Thanks to Darryl Pohas and PWTorch for these live SmackDown spoilers, to air this Friday night:

* Smackdown opened with Smackdown GM Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero on the video screen. Long said it’s been a whirlwind couple of he weeks. Long then explained an eight-man Money in the Bank concept match for the next PPV. He said the winner can cash it in for a World Title match.

Vickie spoke, but the crowd was so loud that I couldn’t hear what she said. Drew McIntyre then stepped in and threatened Teddy Long. Long tells Drew that he has full power over the show. Long then re-instated Matt Hardy and booked Hardy vs. McIntyre for tonight.

* The Smackdown intro aired and pyro went off. Big Show comes to the ring as they showed that Kane vs. C.M. Punk has been booked for a No DQ match tonight.

Jack Swagger came out on the ramp and said he’s protesting how WWE treated him at the Fatal Four-Way PPV. He said he’s not happy about his World Title loss. And he’s cashing in his re-match against Rey Mysterio at the MITB PPV. Swagger vs. Show is next.

(1) Big Show beat Jack Swagger via DQ. Show hit a huge superplex on Swagger at the beginning of the match. Swagger eventually locked in a Kurt Angle-style anklelock and Show struggled to the ropes. He grabbed the ropes, but Swagger refused to let go. The ref called for a DQ and Big Show won. Swagger left the ring as show struggled to his feet. The refs helped him to his feet and carried him (yes, carried Show) to the back as the crowd cheered.

* A video package aired on the Archer/Hawkins win over Christian/MVP last week.

(2) Christian & MVP & IC champion Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler & Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins in a six-man tag match. Decent match with a few believable nearfalls. In the end, MVP and Kofi cleared out Hawkins and Archer, then Christian hit the Killswitch on Ziggler for the win to a huge pop from the live audience. Other notes: Kofi got a nice New England reaction. Also, the side opposite the hard camera is still about three-fourths full. Still seeing many scattered empty seats.

* A backstage video aired on Kane talking to an empty casket. He yelled that he’s going to decapitate the head of the SES tonight in his No DQ match against C.M. Punk. He then slammed the casket closed.

* Matt Hardy was shown making his way to the ring for his match against Drew McIntyre.

(3) Matt Hardy beat Drew McIntyre. Hardy was thrown to the outside at the beginning of the match. McIntyre stood in the ring as the crowd chanted, “You can’t wrestle” and “U-S-A.” Drew then dominated as “Hardy” chants began. At least this wasn’t a throwaway match for all this build-up they’ve done with this feud. Drew eventually had Hardy on the steel steps and was about to stomp on his arm, but Hardy tripped him and Drew landed on the steps. Back in the ring, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the win as the crowd cjeered.

* Teddy Long then came on the video screen and said, “Drew, sorry you didn’t win the match, playa. Looks like somebody’s Visa has expired. Somebody is in the country illegally. Send Mr. McIntyre back to Scotland.” Drew is pissed. “Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye” chants begin as Drew argues with Striker and refs. Drew stood at the top of the ramp as the crowd waved and chanted, “U-S-A.”

* Cody Rhodes came out with Husky Harris to cut a promo on his good looks. He asked the crowd which Superstar is the best-looking and they showed a graphic with Rhodes winning. Who voted? Confusing. He said Harris is an average man who can’t help how he looks. Good quote from Rhodes to an audience member: “USA can literally hear you getting fatter.” Rhodes then picked on Tony Chimel before doing the “hammock pose” on the top turnbuckle ala Chris Jericho. Rhodes kept repeating how good looking he is, then he called himself “Dashing Cody Rhodes” over and over and over again.

* Vickie Guerrero was then shown on the big screen with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is unhappy with his relationship with her. He said he gives and gives, so now he wants a title match. “Make it happen,” he said as he left. Vickie stared at a picture of Dolph and her.

* Rosa Mendes was then shown jump-roping in the ring as Kelly Kelly was introduced. I decided to take a break at this point. … I returned as the Kane vs. C.M. Punk No DQ match was starting.

(5) Kane vs. C.M. Punk went to a No Contest in a No DQ match. Kane threw Punk into the barricades on the floor to start. Straight Edge Society then ran out trying to attack Kan with onjects, but Kane gained control and eventually chokeslammed Gallows through the announce table. He threw Punk into the front row and Punk took off into the crowd.

* Kane followed closely behind as they brawled through the arena. Kane caught up to him and chokeslammed him through another table as the crowd looked on and cheered. Punk then opened the front door of the building and ran across the street to outside the Verizon Arena while in his wrestling gear. Kane chased him down as I believe Smackdown went off the air.

  • Scooter

    @me to put it simply he’s booked as a brawler when he’s actually a technical wrestler personally I blame triple H for this he see’s himself in Drew and wants Drew to wrestle like him but that’s not who he is I’ve enjoyed his matches with Lionheart (who will be the next big UK star to get called up to the E guaranteed)Jay Phoenix etc. because he actually wrestled

  • me

    well the wwe better make some changes soon with drew because to me and alot of other people think he a joke and his time with the wwe is about up it’s one thing to draw heel heat but he gets laugh at a buddy of mine was at a show awhile back he said when drew came out the chant you can’t wrestle was so loud you couldn’t hear the ring person then half the place took a piss break that’s not heel heat that’s people sick of seeing somebody that stinks .it’s time for drew and the wwe to shit or get off the pot

  • scooter

    @me I’m a regular at a lot of the companies he used to work for they assure me he’s the real deal and that its the wwe’s booking personally I think his character is great its just his ring work is being limited

  • me

    @scooter i seen some of his pre wwe matches and they where good .but ever scents he been in the wwe he has been nothing but a snooze maybe wwe fault who knows . might be a bad story line or it could just be his pre wwe days other wrestlers made him look good and the guy can’t wrestle something is up with him

  • Rich

    Can’t wait ti’ll the money in the bank qualifying matches.It should be Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy vs Curt Hawkins vs Vance Archer vs MVP vs Kofi Kingston.Either Dolph Ziggler or Christian should win.I hope that McIntyre dosen’t get a world title run cuz if he does then i’m gonna quit watching smackdown.its too early to give mcintyre a title.dolph ziggler has atleast been in the company for a while now.if anything he should get the briefcase.

  • scooter

    @me some people just aren’t worth it sigh I guess my spouting out facts and knowing about the guy during his pre-wwe days means nothing because people hate the guy and are too stupid to accept anything else

  • DrkMstrs

    yea! but who really cares which bimbo won they all suck.

  • me

    @eric do you really think drew the snooze is the chosen one the guy is nothing but hype i really hope he is gone i doubt if he is but i can only dream he will come back wearing a mask knowing wwe writers . they wasted enough time on him

  • Allen Michael

    Wow….if your gonna report on a show, then stay for the entire show stupid and give us the full results. Not just the ones you want to give.


    Marc lets educate you how to use a spell checker!!!!!!

    and Drew landed on the steps. Back in the ring, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the win as the crowd cjeered.

    It is spelled cheered not cjeered!!!!!

  • brody

    Mysterio must’ve gotten injured, no way they’d keep him off the screen just after a title win. Sounds like a decent Smackdown, they came up with another curve in the Mcintyre/Hardy saga. Nice that Teddy Long gets to show that he’s still got a pair. Sounds like this one is worth watching.

  • The Pako

    No mysterio on smackdown?!?!?!?!?!?

  • eric

    drew is the chosen one, no way is he gone

  • zacca

    did they REALLY get rid of drew? YAYYYYYYYY!!!!

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