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Be A Star Under Fire After Jokes Are Made About Vickie Guerrero’s Weight

Lisa Wright, who is the program director of the national non-profit organization Council for Unity, wrote a letter to the Be A Star Alliance questioning their affiliation with WWE after receiving an e-mail concerning the “fat jokes” being directed towards performer Vickie Guerrero on television. She asks how the anti-bullying organization’s partnership with WWE fits their mission to show tolerance and respect since professional wrestling consists of name calling and threats culminating in violence.

Her statement reads: “I recently received an e-mail regarding your alliance with the WWE. The e-mail pointed out the “fat jokes” about Vickie Guerrero. Wrestling as I perceive it consists of name calling and threats culminating in violence to settle conflicts. How does this fit with your mission to `Show Tolerance and Respect?’ Are you saying this behavior is alright for entertainment value? As an employee of a member organization listed on your website, your questionable judgment reflects poorly, not only on you, but on all the organizations listed there.

“As an organization whose mission is to prevent violence and bullying, we must be careful who we partner with and what messages that partnership sends. As we look for funding, ways to market our mission, and new partnerships, we must remain aware of the cultural forces that impact those that we serve. Furthermore, we must be sensitive not to promote the very negative behaviors that we have spent our professional lives trying to prevent. I fail to see how an alliance with the WWE will do that. We must be aware that in our business, as in life, actions speak louder than words. The WWE may, in principal, be against bullying and the violence that so often accompanies it, however, the very nature of the business is not conducive to a culture of inclusion and peace that we here at the Council for Unity seek to create. To that end, we respectfully request the removal or our organization from your web site.”

WWE and The Creative Coalition teamed up for a party centered around SummerSlam and the “be a STAR” initiative last Thursday in Los Angeles, California promoting anti-bullying. Contrary to the campaign, Jerry Lawler made jokes concerning Guerrero’s weight days later on Raw while she occupied the announce booth for a segment.

  • Interesting that they have asked BAStar to remove them from their site and partnership when if you go to the Council of Unity’s site – they list be a Star as one of their partners.
    be a STAR

    “The mission of be a STAR is to ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness. be a STAR, which stands for “Show Tolerance And Respect,” will promote positive methods of social interaction and encourage people to treat others as equals and with respect because everyone is a star in their own right. Please visit their website.”

  • Trixie

    I, personally, think the whole anti-bullying thing with the WWE is stupid. Basically the whole premise of the WWE is bullying and name-calling your opponent before they settle it with a match. The whole thing is just retarded, and now they are complaining over something else? Before it was the gay comments, now it’s fat jokes? I mean come on. Eventually they’re just going to make them cut out everything, then there wouldn’t be a show. Goodness.

  • Bill

    Yes, this woman is complaining over nothing, but WWE brought it upon themselves. They only created the program so censor-heavy parents think WWE is “good” & let their kids watch it. I think that B.A. Star is more like BS to me. Plus, if this woman complains over Vickie Guerrero, why doesn’t she complain about every other wrestler? Vince himself insults so many on TV & is a bully in real life. Why not complain about him? What about HHH? He once compared CM Punk to Amy Whinehouse & called him a drug addict. Let’s not forget about Rey Mysterio calling Jack Swagger stupid, Edge calling Christian a bitch, Randy Orton attacking Stephanie McMahon, & Stone Cold destroying Vince’s car. If WWE was real, then every superstar would probably be in jail for everything they’ve done. Bottom line, lady & WWE are being stupid.

  • Jason

    WWE is being hypocritical,because wrestling is built on bullying.If it was’nt then there would be no ring..

  • kpnuttzlol

    Wwe trying to be PG really seems to be backfiring on them here. Half of a storyline is based on verbal abuse and promo’s, trying to promote anti bullying is just the pot calling the kettle black.

    And I don’t know what this woman is complaining about, the Vickie jokes were months ago, give it 6 more months and she’ll pick up on the Bella’s making “yo’ mamma’s so fat jokes” at Kharma and her “baby”

  • Marky Mark

    Little kids don’t understand kayfabe, so to them it’s all the same when King rags on her weight. That’s what this dyke is trying to get across. She don’t care if you fat virgin smart marks know it’s entertainment while eating that bag of cheetos, staying on them youtube videos. It’s been apparent for a while, that the (little) kids is who WWE is aiming at.

  • nick

    this whole thing is a joke…. vince mcmahon is the biggest bully of them all

  • venom

    I’ calling it. Team WWE vs Team GLADD vs Team Anti-Bullying at Wrestlemania 28. Cena/Orton vs Orlando/Kanyon vs Vickie/Kharma.

  • Buttercastle

    People tend to forget that anything www produces is on tv is just that, a tv show. Raw, Smackdown and anything else are just tv shows with entertainers who entertain the crowd. Everyone with half a brain knows that nobody would tease Vickie about her weight outside of the show, or that the Bellas don’t go around backstage trash talking other divas unless a camera is pointed at them. These organizations are becoming too sensitive for issues that aren’t even worth getting all riled up for. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger portrayed a violent character in the Terminator films, yet nobody expects him to ride around on a motorcycle with guns shooting people, and even elected him governor of California. These companies are blurring the lines of reality and entertainment when they should be worrying about more serious issues in the world, i.e. poverty, hunger, homelessness, the environment, etc. What’s more important, a single gay person gets offended every few months or some kid with horrible parents rko’s his teacher at school, or saving the lives of those who need it.

    Now don’t take me as some environmental hippy, I’m just saying there’s more important things to worry about than someone’s feelings getting hurt over watching a television program which they themselves chose to watch in the first place. That’s why half of what’s on tv or popular these days is owned by Disney, people are getting too soft.

  • Matt

    Yeah, anti-bullying probably isn’t the best thing for WWE to promote. That’s more or less half the sport.

    Plus, why the hell are the Bella Twins in an anti-bullying commercial, that’s their whole freakin’ gimmick.

  • Tombstone1108

    Ok, Let me get this straight, She does not want violence or bullying on a wrestling (oops I mean sports entertainment show). Its fake, made up, Not real. Get a clue. I guess next you will be threating WWE that you will try to get the sponsors to pull out? Well would that not be trying to bully them?

  • Joe

    You know what, good. I don’t want WWE to be involved with anything that GLAAD is involved in. I don’t dislike gay people, but I hate how GLAAD goes after things that comedians say, and basically holds them hostage by threatening their sponsors. I hate GLAAD, their mob tactics, and their *gay* over-sensitivity.

  • Joe

    What a dumb fucking cunt. She doesn’t realize that pro wrestling is entertainment?

  • ICE

    lol CM Mark so true punk tried to warn them im surprised nobody else saw this coming but i think WWE does deserve to be recognized for all the good it does when it comes to make a wish or helping out the troops. WWE is a good organization and because of its resume when it comes to charity work still deserves to be involved with be a star…but i aint a fan of the vickie gurerro thing not that i get mad over it i just dont get entertained with their cracks about her weight

  • CM Mark

    Punk tried to tell them, but they shut his mic off….ROFL..

  • daniel

    vikie has lost alot of weight i think she looks amazing for it good on her but i do think it’s a little hypocriful that the wwe promotes non bullying but if a diva doesnt match te plastic mold she is made a laughing stock what’s next whe vickie is stick thin hang shit on hornswoggles gut

  • Jason

    That woman need to get the clue. It’s part of the story.

  • joe

    Regardless, wwe says “don’t try this at home” that includes the promos. Everybody knows wrestling is fake. I’m still a fan. But kids need to know, they’re actors and they say don’t try this at home. Its not just for the moves. Its everything as a whole. This lady who wrote this is so narrowminded its ridiculous

  • Myers

    I have been waiting for this to happen. I am nowhere near a Vickie fan but I find it completely hypocritical that they have Lawler/Cena saying these jokes, and then run a Be A Star commercial. Personally I think the whole campaign is ridiculous because all wrestlers say in promo’s are insults to one another.

  • josh

    Nobody else saw that the anti-bullying thing was completely hypocritical?

  • Effmenow

    ……Don’t fuck with the Guerrero’s.

  • cmpunkmark

    vickie is no torrie willsion but she has lost weight which is good

  • Johnny Nitro

    So, if more NGO’s and alliances start to complain, the WWE is going to end as a debate contests… o wait, no, because some people are sensitive to debaters.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Thy are still making fun of Vickie and her wight? I haven’t noticed them poking fun at her. She has been losing a lot of weight lately.

  • Destiny

    Oh this bitch is a piece of work. Another WWE hater that instead of trying to see the good they are doing, has to look at the product. Now granted they shouldn’t be talking about Vickie’s weight, but she was making those comments as well. Its called storylines…maybe this woman’s heard of them? While a victim of severe bullying myself when I was growing up, I see what she and her organization are trying to do, but good lord lady take a pill. Its people like this that discredit organizations like this…the haters that are put in positions that they think give them power. Now you’ll hear her crying later on about how they pulled the funding, and they need money.