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Stephanie McMahon Excited About RAW Going Three-Hours, Discusses Fan Involvement

– Eric Goldman of spoke with Stephanie McMahon at the USA Upfronts last week where RAW going three-hours permanently was announced.

Stephanie told IGN that WWE is excited about the challenges of filling an extra hour of content each week:

“It’s going to be the first-ever regularly scheduled three-hour program on television and I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on it thus far! You know, we do a three hour show called a Pay-Per-View almost every month and Monday Night RAW, we’ve done three hours before, so we feel great about it.”

Stephanie said that the fans would be able to pick “matches, stipulations, anything and everything. Different things every week.” She talked about the interactive part of the show:

“This is going to be the most interactive show in television history. Our audience is going to have the chance to effect something in the show every week.”

Goldman asked Stephanie if she will be returning to RAW. Stephanie teased and talked about the 1,000th RAW:

“Who knows? Maybe you’ve got to tune into the 1000th RAW on July 23rd! It’s so much fun when we have an event episode, because you really get to plan around it and the creative flows and its just a lot of fresh faces and old faces. It’s great.”

  • Pyro

    Yeah, the fans are going to get to pick everything.

    “Who gets a WWE Championship match tonight?

    A) Curt Hawkins

    B) Jinder Mahal

    C) John Cena”

  • yofits

    Stephanie gets excited seeing Triple H’s huge nose & small penis.

  • Cboz78

    I think Steph meant first 3 hour weekly for the WWE, not in general.

  • nikki

    It’s going to be the first-ever regularly scheduled three-hour program on television…..umm you ugly cnt steph wcw did this for years!!

  • simon07

    What will probably end up happening is for the first few months people will be able to ‘vote’ on the bigger matches such as the main event, but after a while they will end up choosing pointless things like what kind of match Hornswoggle will have. But i’ll see how it goes before i decide if its a good or bad thing making raw 3 hours.

  • SYM

    When we go to & “Pick” matches we will hear Consuela from Family Guys voice say “No No you can’t Have Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara” or “No No you can’t see a MITB Match on RAW”

  • Seth

    “It’s going to be the first-ever regularly scheduled three-hour program on television,” Umm WCW Monday Nitro?

  • Justin sane

    I’m looking forward to it, always fun to see something different and new.