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Steve Austin Discusses “Stone Cold” Character, RAW Rumor, In-Ring Return and more

Austin addresses all the rumors…

– During an interview with Tom Baines of the Toronto Sun newspaper in Canada, Steve Austin basically shot down the rumor of him appearing on the final WWE Raw of 2010:

On the “Stone Cold” character in the PG era: “It’s a PG business these days. And the Stone Cold character is close to being an R-rated act. I was edgy and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

On the rumors of appearing on the final 2010 Raw: “I heard those rumors. I started hearing them last night and I started hearing them this morning on the computer. Man, I haven’t heard anything about that. I’m getting ready to leave to film a movie in a week. When I get done with that, I’ll be in Texas. Then, I’m coming back to work on another movie. If I’m supposed to be in Albany in December, I was figuring to be in Texas. Nobody has told me anything.”

On a potential in-ring return: “As for returning, I’m not interested. I always say never say never, but the thing is, man, I’m pretty much done.”

On his movie career, including Hunt to Kill: “I was a great in-ring performer. I was one of the best ticket sellers in the business. So if I could duplicate that success… I’m a tough critic on myself, but I’ll tell you what, I watched (Hunt to Kill) three weeks ago and it’s really good. My skin is thick enough that along with the good things, I can take the bad, too.”

  • captain america

    In 2008, WWE initiated a change in its programming content. The United States parental guidelines rating system now rates all WWE television programs “PG” indicating family-friendly content in the programming.Vince McMahon noted that the change to more family-friendly content is due to the changing demographics in WWE viewership.As of 2010, women and young children make up 40% of the company’s audience.
    Since 2008, all WWE programs (including those aired on Pay-Per-View), are rated TV-PG (they were previously rated TV-14, but the rating was changed to attract more of a family audience and more lucrative TV sponsors)

  • cap

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  • Gir

    Me to Chris but for now Dragongate wrestling

  • Chris

    I Respect Austin choice on this but id pay big money to see my fav child hood hero go at it one last time!