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Steve Austin Recovery Update, Big Names at Event, Legendary Managers

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin updated the status of his knee surgery in a new entry on his Broken Skull Ranch website.

“I am slowly regaining size and strength in my left leg,” Austin stated. “I had a new ACL and PCL grafted in on July 2 and I am happy with how everything is progressing.”

– Kevin Nash, Dustin Runnels, Jacques Rougeau, Molly Holly, Hardcore Holly, Marc Mero and Too Cool are amongst the names that will be appearing at Legends of the Ring 15 this Saturday afternoon at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, New Jersey.

– WWE is featuring an article by Howard Finkel looking at who some of the legendary managers from yesteryear would be managing today. Some of the pairings include Slick – Brodus Clay, Freddie Blassie – Antonio Cesaro, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – Dolph Ziggler and Jimmy Hart – Heath Slater.


    who cares for that fucking oldy stony—cold

  • D2K

    I didn’t know Austin had ACL and PCL work done. Yeah, that’s gonna take awhile to heal. His knee should be fine by spring. I didn’t expect him to be involved at WM29 unless it was a run-in or something.

    If he does wrestle again it’ll probably be WM30.

  • David

    These would be good matches but Austin might not do it and if he does it needs to be falls count anywhere, Punk & Austin don’t need a title for this match. Or CM Punk vs John Cena vs the Rock in a triple threat Elimination for the WWE Title? This seems moe likely to happen. The Edge & Christian match would be great and should be a TLC briefcase match where the winner gets so much money.But Edge will not be cleared to wrestle again most likely but if he could be cleared this would be a great match. Bryan and Ziggler for HeavyWeight title would be a great match as 2 out of 3 falls. Rock & Taker would be good as a I Quit Match and would be perfect ending to match either way and would give Taker and Rock a good match to leave on no matter who loses. Ryback or Sheamus vs John Cena WWE Title should be a Last Man Standing Match. Sadly these matches most likely won’t happen as any kind of a match.

  • dave

    its so weird to think what it will be like to see Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle again. just think how weird it was when Hulk Hogan came back to WWE in 2002 after a 9 year absence. and during that time we saw him WCW all the time. now think how we havent seen SCSA wrestle since wrestlemania 19!!! watching SCSA at wrestlemania 30 vs cm punk would be same as watching Andre the Giant vs HHH at wrestlemania 17!!!!!

  • Jon

    And I doubt Taker vs Rock either. It will Taker vs Lesnar this WM. I hate stick it to people thoarts but it going to happen. No reason to bring Lesnar back if no Taker feud.

  • ashter

    Edge wanted that to be his last match but it won’t happen. Taker probably won’t wrestler anymore not even at 30 his body is too banged up. Cena vs. Ryback, Ryback cant carry a match in a bucket and Cena can’t sell be worse than JBL vs. Cena at wm for the wwe title. Just an overhyped let down. You honestly think Vince still alive would ever let that happen. I wouldn’t call The rock the most popular even during the attitude era the rock was 2nd place to stone cold and will always will be to me.

  • d2

    Edge vs Christan won’t happen Edge can’t wrestle anymore he won’t be medically cleared to do so

  • JohnCena33

    Hope Austin’s knee will be good to go for WM30.
    So here’s my WM30 card that WWE may do and hope you like it.

    Punk vs Austin. It is very possible that this will happen at WM30 and if it doesn’t happen here than the match will never take place. We know Punk wants to do it and we know Austin probably can do one more match but does Austin?

    Rock vs Taker. These haven’t faced each other often. The Great One vs The Phenom, it just sounds good. Rock’s attitude as a heel and of course Taker as face could be the best Mania match in recent memory. But will WWE have Taker lose, NO. Taker will retire 21-0 with his last match against WWE’s most popular star.

    Cena vs Ryback. This is for the WWE title. Remember Hulk vs Warrior, well this is one of those matches. Ryback would win, and Cena would “pass the torch” to Vinces new champ.

    Bryan vs Ziggler. Two of the best in ring performers WWE has today. Bryan’s YES NO YES NO has us all chanting and his character, wether heel or face is great. Meanwhile Ziggler has captured the audiences putting on great matches night in and night out. With this being for the world championship what greater stage could Ziggler make his name winning the match.

    Edge vs Christian in both mens last match. Edge will retire in his own way and christin will end his carrer facing a legend and hopefully cementing his own legacy.

  • Best In The World

    Punk vs Austin Please

  • misfit del rio

    Damn Dolph and the brain, would’ve, made a hell of a pairing. That woudlve been up there with brain and hennig or ever paul ellering and the road warriors.