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Steve Austin Talks Signed Autographs of WWE ’13, Redneck Island, and More

Steve Austin has a new blog entry available on his website. Here are some highlights.

As I have talked about on Twitter (@steveaustinBSR), I recently finished signing 35,000 autographs for THQ’s new video game WWE 13. The picture cards I signed will go in select Austin 3:16 Editions of the game. I had originally agreed to sign 25,000 cards. Then THQ wanted an additional 10,000. Since I am recovering from knee surgery I certainly have the time. I agreed to the extra 10k cards. I let the boxes of cards sit in the garage for a while and figured “I’ll get em done later”…I should have started signing them immediately…I finally got around to opening one of the boxes and at that time it dawned on me. 35,000 is a shit pile of signatures.

On another note, yesterday we shot the PR stuff for Redneck Island. Last season was damn good. Deep thinking, far reaching, philosophical television that changed the lives of literally millions across the globe…Alright, BS! Redneck Island was a damn good time last season. Great cast and a cool host. Season 2 will be BIGGER, BADDER, AND REDDER THAN EVER.

I leave for Mexico in a few days. Couple days to settle in and then we roll cameras and start filming the brutality, calamity, and hilarity, that is Redneck Island. I am going to push these people to be there bestest,(invented word) and reddest, in an all out endeavor for one person to walk off the island with $100,000 dollars.

  • pulgeezy

    Chris benoit go die a thousand deaths lolitwould have bee better had it been the real wwf vs wcw of that time.

  • chris benoit

    dont u get like a dvd disk with the preodrder aswell yay

  • Robinson

    I just pre-ordered the Austin 3:16 edition. That game better be the BEST WRESTLING GAME OF ALL TIME lol.