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Survivor Series Update, Why JR Keeps Coming Back, Video of Punk Getting Slimed

– Below is WWE footage of CM Punk getting slimed at the Nickelodeon awards in Australia:

– Word is that WWE keeps bringing Jim Ross back week after week to pop the ratings.

– In an update from last night, the CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio WWE Title Match at Survivor Series is not official yet. The storyline is that John Laurinaitis will either make the match official or scrap it before next week’s RAW.

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  • venom

    It’s funny how Cole keeps making fun of JR.

  • philly655

    jr keeps those like myself whom long for the return to attitude era style programming (not going to happen 🙁 )the newbies n those not watchin 2003 and earlier dont really “get” why we say jr IS a major paqrt of the veiwing ecperience, unfortuinatly cunty cole is their lyncpin and nothing will change that, hell im glad i know of a time when the cole train was a mere fart in the wind to wwe programming.

  • chronoxiong

    So JR = ratings??? I thought Mark Henry = ratings. Lol…

  • really

    so if someone “brings up ratings” why not keep them on the show?

  • grizz

    They need to bring J.R. back and keep him on t.v., he is one of the main reasons I watch. It would be great if they got rid of Cole the

  • CC

    They keep bringing JR back week after week?
    He has only been back once since the “firing”, wasnt on tv this week, and will be back next week. Thats hardly bringing him back week after week, its just part of a storyline.