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Swagger Going Into a HOF, CM Punk’s Message to Fans, Divas Segment, More

– Some of the WWE RAW crew had their flight delayed today due to a mechanical error at the airport in Detroit, Michigan.

– Jack Swagger noted that he was in his home state of Oklahoma today and will be inducted into the Perry, Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame later this week.

– CM Punk wrote on Twitter today that he got a flat tire and then had an altercation with a fan while trying to get the tire fixed. He wrote: “Tire fixed. Altercation with ignorant “fan” while I was on the phone. Awesome. Learn some manners y’all.”

– WWE’s website posted a backstage video from RAW where The Bella Twins taunted Beth Phoenix for Kelly Kelly getting the upper-hand on The Glamazon during last night’s show. Beth ended up telling the twins to back off and scared them up against the wall.

  • Andy

    Am I the only one annoyed at Punk for having to make a phone call to get the tyre fixed? And even then maybe it was completely unrelated to the tyre?

    Other than that its up to him what he says about the altercation with the fan – stop reading into the “y’all” so much.

  • venom

    Bret Hart is going to be in PA next Saturday.

  • StudDog

    voice of reason: check out my comment on the column titled plans for the rock.

  • StudDog

    LMAO Yuuuuuuup, I think so.

  • voice of reason

    anyways isnt a yall a mast of an old sailing ship

  • voice of reason

    if eddie was alive omfg i would love to see eddie & santino team up & become tag team champs

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ Loved Eddie Guerro, My all time favorite.

  • voice of reason

    @ venom & stud dog i kind of envy you a bit for meeting the stars you did

    personally the stars i’d love to meet are too numerous but the main ones are randy savage, eddie guerrero, santino, fit finley & sheamus

    i know i cant meet the first 2 but i will when i go to the wrestling in heaven when i’m called

  • voice of reason

    i do agree with you stud dog “y’all” kind of throws all wrestling fans in the same category

    there are fans & then there are fans that take it too far i think common sense would say “hey this guy is changing his wheel leave him alone

    but if ‘d go up to cm punk & say “hey mate do you need a hand changing the tyre” i think he’d be appreciative of the help

  • StudDog

    venom: Thanks man I will check that out.

  • StudDog

    Sorry just remembered a few more. Vince McMahon, Hiedenrich, and Chavo.

  • venom


    Check out, and
    It’s a meet and greet with wrestlers.

  • StudDog

    I have had to the oppurtunity to meet many of the wrestlers and it would suprise alot of you who some of the nicest ones was.

    One thing that really sticks out was at one Tribute to the troops event was when Matt Hardy came up and shook my hand, I told him that I was always a big fan of the Hardy boys. I told him that they were once my wrestling heroes, He said thats funny because now you are one of my real life heroes. Guess thats why I still tend to defend him some.

    John Cena, Undertaker, Kelly Kelly and Layla were the others who actually took time to shake hands and speak even though no cameras were around, The rest not so much unless cameras were present.

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ I do agree with you, My problem was when he said y’all to me that seems to mean all of us fans. He should have said you or him, Not plural.

    Fact is when you get famous and are on tv week in and week out things like this are bound to happen. If you cannot handle the fame and the fans then maybe you are in the wrong line of work. Maybe he was just aggitated and that is understandable but take it out on the one that caused the problem, not all fans. Because without us where would he be?

  • venom

    I met shane McMahon and Edge in Atlantic City and they were nice. I think maybe the fan should have had common sense to not to bother Punk while he was changing his tire. I’m sure Punk was aggrevated enough.

  • voice of reason

    i think seth having a hall of fame in perry is a way for the local government to instill some civic pride in the kids or to promote the town “come to perry home of wwe superstar jack swagger” i think it may be a drawcard for any swagger fans out there “come to jack swaggers favorite burger stand or restaurant or pay your bills where jack swagger did”

    i think for a small town any link to celebrity is always a great drawcard

  • voice of reason

    altercation with ignorant fan excuse me it sound a tiny bit vague in my opinion

    cm punk is a wrestler if a fan meets him on the street he should be kind & courteous & say something like “look i’m a bit busy right now it’s great to meet you but i’m in a bit of a rush” then take a photo with the person or sign a quick autograph it would only take 1 minute & the fan would be talking about it for years to come

    my brother met vince & the big show in melbourne the big show & vince were quite busy but they were nice to him & it made his day

  • StudDog

    Y’all? Y’all? One ignorant fan and you have to lump all fans into this group?

    Thats the price of fame Punk, Granted it’s not right but it is what it is, Get over it or get out of the limelight cause it will never change.

  • Jason

    Why the hell was an issue in Detroit causing probs ? They weren’t here they were in Ohio.

  • Seth

    Perry is a town of about 5,000 people. I went to junior high in Perry. I’ve never heard of a Hall of Fame. Danny Hodge is the only other person I can remember coming out of Perry.


    for christ sakes punk stfu u are getting way over on yourself u are not all that good its about time for someone to put punk in his place