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Tara Praises TNA Creative For Knockouts Rejuvenation, Teases Hollywood Boyfriend

Number one contender for the Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory this Sunday, Tara, talks exclusively to Diva Dirt about her match with former partner, Brooke Tessmacher, and a number of other topics.

The veteran Knockout talks about her friendship and storyline with Brooke, the match Sunday, her recent heel turn and her mysterious Hollywood boyfriend.

Tara also dishes on recent TNA tryout matches she’s been part of with former WWE stars Jillian Hall and Ivelisse Velez.

Listen here:

On TNA putting more effort into Knockouts storylines & her storyline with Brooke Tessmacher: “I think that’s a testament to Dave Lagana. He was the beginning of my career in WWE with storylines, and Bruce Prichard, too, who was always part of creative. I think Lagana took us, the girls division, under his wing and he’s really been putting a lot of thought [in it], not just throwing us out there to have a two minute match. We have a good creative staff now — Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Dave Lagana. We have a good team. It’s exciting. […] They see how well the ratings are excelling, and how valuable the Knockouts are. I’m thankful that we have Dave Lagana.”

On who her Hollywood boyfriend is: “It’s going to be a big surprise. He’s a big deal, I’ll be honest. You’ll be familiar who he is. I’m excited. I’m biting my tongue not to say anything. He’s super dreamy. I can’t wait for you guys to see him.”

On former WWE Diva Jillian Hall’s recent TNA tryout: “Who do you think got her that tryout? I went up to Al Snow, I said, ‘Why isn’t Jillian wrestling? She’s an amazing wrestler’. And he goes, ‘But does she want to still?’. I called her and said, ‘Hey, do you want to come to TNA?’ and she said, ‘I don’t know. How is it there?’ I said it’s amazing. I gave her Al Snow’s number and next thing I know, I get the call saying I’ve got a match against Jillian at the next show. Of course I want to see her [in TNA]. She’s amazing. She has good ring presence, is a tight, solid wrestler. They were really pleased with her wrestling too. I hope she gets signed.”

  • eric

    Also when tara says it is not 2 min matches. she is talking about wwe diva matches. which are 2 min matches. Yeah it is john morrison. I agree. hope it is. that would be good storyline for jomo in my opinon!

  • Apacaveli


  • It’s Patrick Dempsey. lol jk I think it is JOMO. I hope it is.

  • Her bf is john morrison I bet u, he is in hollywood and doin some movies I’ve read this is a good storyline for him and soon I hope he become * world champion some day in tna.