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Targeted Date For The Undertaker’s Return, Spider-Man Inspired By Masked Luchadors, More

– WWE’s creative department are targeting Survivor Series on November 18 for the return of The Undertaker.

After undergoing two major surgeries in the past year and performing suitably at WrestleMania XXVIII, many company employees believe he has several more matches left in the tank and will almost certainly compete at WrestleMania XXIX.

– In The Amazing Spider-Man, which hit theaters Tuesday, Peter Parker is inspired to create a mask after winding up inside a wrestling ring surrounded by posters of masked luchadors. It is not the first wrestling connection in the movie franchise as in the premiere film released in 2002, Peter enters a wrestling tournament and squares off against a character portrayed by the late Randy Savage.

– Silas Young, who was dropped from the Dragon Gate USA roster over the weekend after no-showing events, has been announced to appear at upcoming Ring of Honor shows.


  • does anybody remember when they said this last year they said taker would be at survivor series

  • Gorilla

    Why are people so big on a lesnar vs. Taker match they wont top their previous matches. But a taker vs rock match i think will be legendary and i think taker will have rock beat him the rock beat hogan austin cena only one left the streak

  • Fred

    Silas Young is overrated anyway.

  • poko

    wow comic book geek alert!!! lol

  • WWEfan

    I’m banking on Cena-Undertaker. What is left for Cena to do at Wrestlemaina? He’s already had six championship matches and faced off against one of the most legendary superstars in WWE History. There is only one man he has not confronted in years and that is the Undertaker.

  • Buttercastle

    Woooooooow spoiler alert!

  • sepulz

    Yeah cause you know this was never mentioned in the original comic books.great research by the awesome writers of W-E

  • The Awesome One

    taker better be back for 1000th raw

  • jeff

    Lesner -taker! In Wm 29

  • Hes got a bicycle

    Spiderman looked like sin cara in the movie.