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TDS [004] – 5/9 WWE Raw Running Diary

by Amish Patel - May 09, 2011

9:00 – I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but it kind of irks me the way they start the show mid-entrance. I realize it makes the program seem more realistic, but damn, it’s kind of annoying.

9:02 – Alberto makes a point. I would have most definitely rather have seen a celebration of de Rio’s arrival than The Rock’s overly annoying, and over the amount of time it should have taken Birthday celebration.

9:05 – I dislike it when Rey has to speak. That was a main reason why his run on Raw failed a few years ago. He’s better as an in-ring competitor as opposed to being a talker.

9:06 – Yes, the Miz is here!

9:08 – Uh, oh! Miz just crossed some racial borders there.

9:09 – Still no entrance music for R-Truth? Is it because they don’t know how to replace the phrase “What’s up”? Hmm.

9:12 – Truth, you ignorant fuck, Miz is from Ohio. First it’s the famous Green Bay mix-up, now he’s Mizzing shit up.

9:15 – Oh, wow. They’re going to snub Truth. Not a good sign.

9:16 – LoL. Truth looks pissed!!! Extremely pissed!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Truth is undergoing one of the best heel turns in recent memory. It’s not good, it’s great.

9:19 – This is the kind of fresh way I enjoy viewing on Raw. I dislike seeing Rock celebrate and talk up the same promo time and time again for the first 30 minutes. Sure it’s a hell of a ride, but once it’s over you question what exactly the point of it was. Last week was a great way to celebrate the Rock’s career, but in all reality, it cost us an entire week in the already short three week build-up to Over the Limit.

9:29 – It would seem that they’re building towards the eventual Nikki Bella vs Kharma match. I don’t get why Kharma just crossed the face line and attacked the face. Is she going to play a chick version of the Viper?

9:34 – Is it just me, or does it seem that the WWE is doing practically the same storyline between The Corre and Kane & Big Show, and New Nexus and Kane & Big Show?

9:36 – And the continual burial of CM Punk continues… Tisk tisk.

9:38 – I wish New Nexus would get taken seriously once in a while. The whole gang wars, and groupies aspect that Nexus brought to the table last year is really what heighten my interest in today’s product. Shamefully, they’re just pushing them down the tube into nothingness.

9:43 – Who thinks “Mr. Bland” Dolph Ziggler is the future? Me too, but he needs to squash the heck out of Santino here.

9:45 – Exactly what he needed there. Now, what the hell is next for him? He needs a storyline to arise soon, otherwise you risk him falling into the realm of “who’s that”.

9:50 – Here we go, the video recap that will showcase what is next for this feud. This might get emotional for me, folks!

9:53 – Well, something big is going to happen Friday. Mark my words, there are bigger things ahead for Christian.

9:54 – Did R-Truth just break out a Dave Chappelle impersonation? I think so.

9:55 – Every time Truth says “And that’s the…” I’m expecting him to then say “bottom line cause Stone Cold said so”. Can you tell I miss Steve Austin?


10:00 – Miz and Riley could put on a good feud/match.

10:01 – The real question that’s going to come out of this possible break-up would be who’s going to turn face? Or will they both remain heels on their respective brands.

10:03 – The last time Riley did this, didn’t it end in him getting fired?

10:04 – This won’t end good.

10:07 – Will Alex Riley join the likes of Darren Young, Michael Tarver, Alex Riley, and other for NXT stars to be ousted from the main roster after losing to SupahCean! Let’s find out!

10:15 – LoL, this is going to be nice.

10:16 – How CAN’T you love this guy as a heel? He’s fucking awesome!

10:18 – Just get to the point, Jerry, challenge him to the third and final match at Over the Limit. Just let it end, already!

10:20 – Cole bringing up presidential politics? FTW!

10:21 – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, don’t bring up Jerry’s mother! Please don’t!!!!

10:22 – God dammit, he went there.

10:22 – Fuck this, this is to disgusting for my likings.

10:26 – Impromptu United States Championship match? I know I’m critical of titles switching hands constantly, but this would be one of those situations where I’d be a fan of Swagger getting the US title. Sure, he’d be better off turning on Cole and becoming a second tier face along side of Morrison, and Mysterio, but let’s be real here. What are the chance of that actually happening? There really isn’t much question that BOTH Swagger and Kingston need to switch teams. They, at the least, need to be booked better.

10:33 – Anybody think that Lawler might come down and cost Swagger the match?

10:36 – Sure enough, Jerry’s distraction causes Jack to lose.


10:45 – This is incredibly obvious as to who is going to come out on top here.

10:52 – Not too shabby as far as in-ring action is concerned so far.

Not going to lie, I hated the predictability in that match. You can attribute that to why I failed to make a time-in for the last 13 minutes. The only thing that was noteworthy out of that was R-Truth attacking Rey. There’s no question that his career has taken a HUGE turn for the good following his face turn, but what is going to be set-up from his attack on Rey? They only thing I can think of is another 3-way to determine the challenger to Cena at Capital Punishment. No question that that match was pretty solid, it just didn’t help my interest any that I already knew that Cena would be taking on Miz in an “I Quit” match. Maybe that’s because I read to many spoilers. Who knows, either way not to bad of a Raw, despite the predictability in most places.

Line of the Night –“After 17 years of climbing the ladder…” – Christian (yes, once again!)

Match of the Night – The Miz vs Alberto del Rio vs Rey Mysterio

Performer of the Night – John Cena

Grade – B+

Well, day 4 has just bit the dust. I’m now 11 days away from my personal record of 15 days. I’m pondering what to do tomorrow. A series looking at the last era of wrestling, and reasons why it wasn’t a “Golden Age”. OR I was thinking of doing a column debating who the TRUE Mr. WrestleMania is. Feel free to leave me comments on which you think I should do. It’s much appreciated as always. Also make sure you let ole Sparty know how you felt with tonight’s Raw. It’s all appreciated, guys. Until tomorrow, though, make sure you head out and get your issue of FightLife Magazine. SPARTY OUT!

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