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– Terry sent word that Heath Slater is the first Nexus member to get his own Mattel action figure as he’s featured in a new two-pack with Christian.

– Former Nexus member Michael Tarver is said to be ready to return to action full-time now and is still wrestling in WWE developmental. Tarver is coming out with no entrance music and has been wearing his Nexus armband.

– The Great Khali finished as the 1st runner-up on India’s Big Boss reality TV show. The show is now over and as noted before, Khali is expected to return to WWE in time for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Kim

    Nexus jumped Khali before the Summerslam match. Has he been on since then?

  • Charles

    The Great Khali will defeat Miz at Wrestlemania.


    Ok so the lamest member of nexus gets a figure first….umm ok. Anyway, how did they write Khali off from TV anyway. I think somebody injured him I just can’t remember who, was it Nexus?

  • Clara711

    Why is the Great Khali returning? Did anyone really miss him?

  • Jon-Jon

    Slater’s new figure is pretty cool, but why Mattel gave him a figure before Wade Barrett shocked me. I’m hoping Barrett gets one real soon. I’m a huge WWE figure collector. Just like everything else lately, TNa gets their ass kicked in figures. I love TNA, I love the idea of a different company, but damn it, Hogan has ruined that company.

  • Man

    The Great Khali need to win Royal Rumble !!!

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