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The Great Khali Involved in a Shooting Incident in India

– WWE Superstar The Great Khali and his bodyguard were involved in a shooting at the home of an Indian politician Friday, according to the Aaj Tak news channel in India and Slam Wrestling. Khali was invited to the home of the politician as his grandson is a big fan.

Fans gathered outside of the home waiting for Khali. Children approached for Khali when he arrived to get photos and autographs but according to eyewitnesses, including the politician’s relatives, Khali’s bodyguard was hostile from the start, shoving children as they approached Khali. His bodyguard then allegedly grabbed a boy and beat him down. People tried to get the boy from Khali’s bodyguard and that’s when he started shooting into the crowd. Three people were seriously wounded in the incident.

Khali reportedly fled the scene but last word was that no charges have been filed and the Ludhiana police are being quiet on the matter.

Khali has been in India filming the reality show Big Boss and was set to return to WWE soon.

  • JOE

    @oxslangshoot do you hate yourself????

  • xxxBATEZYxxx


  • Most news outlets are saying that Khali does not have any bodyguard and the people who started shooting were not related to Khali. They have been dubbed anonymous.

  • oxslangshoot

    khali is the worst wrestler there is 😀

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    @ oxslangshoot

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    khali dont need a body guard, hes a freaken monster , his khali chops are probly more powerful then a gun

  • Vic

    @ oxslangshot
    I hope you burn in H e l l for your comment.

  • Satan

    Wow what a stupid ass body guard if i was Khali i would kick his ass to the curb

  • !?

    Great Khali must be a celebrity in India, I hope nothing happens to Khali. Most of the situations involving him are out of his control, he typically seems like he is not violent by nature. LOL I agree with Sean.

    I despise celebrity bodyguards, they are all angry for no f**king reason and most attack people without being provoked.

  • oxslangshoot

    he should have shot khali

  • Callum

    it wudnt be too hard for to flee the scene three steps and he s in america even if he is slow as fuck

  • Khali’s bodyguard was drunk.. and since Khali was in a politicians house, nothing will happen to him.
    As for Vince, he will be happy… “Controversy Creates Cash”.

  • sean

    khali’s got a bodyguard hell he is a bodyguard

  • donners

    ‘Khali reportedly fled the scene…..’

    that must’ve took about 3 hours.

  • CC

    Its hardly Khali’s fault. Sadly the Indian law is not as good as it is elsewhere in the world, and is notoriously corrupt, meaning stuff like that isnt viewed seriously over there, which is why that bodyguard has no fear of doing what he did.
    If Khali had been the one with the gun, that would be different, but he can hardly be held responsible for a bodyguard that was probably picked for him by someone else.

  • Juggalo

    …. wow… some bodyguard. You know, sadly, if this had happened in the US WWE probably would of cut ties with Khali because of all the bad publicity. But because it happened in India I wager it blows over much faster.