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The Rock vs Roman Reigns being considered for WrestleMania 35 Main Event?

The Rock might have become the highest grossing Hollywood Superstar in Forbes’ history but he can never stay away from a WWE ring for too long. As it suggests, the Brahma Bull might be having plans for making another triumphant return sooner rather than later. The Rock apparently wishes to put on his wrestling boots and take someone to the Smackdown hotel very soon.

Dave Meltzer reports on Wrestling Observer Radio that The Rock wants to wrestle at WrestleMania 35. Meltzer said that this could very well end up being the case if The Rock doesn’t have enough on his plate around Mania season.

h/t for transcript

[The Rock] wants to wrestle at WrestleMania. You know [WWE] wanted him last year. He was originally in the Kurt Angle position, he had filming stuff. If there’s a movie project or something [The Rock] has to film at that time or a week later or something it makes it difficult because of the injury risk. If he doesn’t have anything much going on I would think that he would. My impression is that he wants to wrestle, you know The Rock loves wrestling.

Meltzer also said that The Rock might want to do another wrestling run sooner rather than later because of the age factor. He said that he doesn’t see The Rock roughing up in the ring at 48 or 49.

Time will tell, it’s up to offers and schedules, you know? It’s not like WrestleMania is going to be the number one thing but I think at 46 [years old], he’ll almost be 47 next year, I think in [The Rock’s] mind he’s probably going, ‘if I’m gonna do another match next year might be a good time.’ Because do you really want to do it at 48, 49? Maybe, but I know he doesn’t want to go in there when he doesn’t have his speed anymore and when he’s not as good as he once was. I don’t see him wanting to be that guy… maybe he would.

Because let’s face it he can get through anything just based on the fact that he’s technically sound and he has incredible charisma and he’s The Rock. It’s not like he has to go in there and do a bunch of really quick armdrags and things like that. He can just talk his way through a match or just basic his way through a match. But I don’t see him as a guy who wants to go in there when he’s diminished.

Finally, Meltzer said that the Rock could very well be working a program with Roman Reigns for the show next year. Meltzer said that it didn’t appeal him at first but after some serious thought, it does sound sensible.

Someone suggested to me the idea of [The Rock] and Roman Reigns in a match. At first, I thought, ‘eh it doesn’t really appeal to me. I feel like that could be something that could appeal to [The Rock]. Again, for Roman Reigns, if they’re trying to get Roman Reigns over something big, I mean The Rock will do the job for him that’s not even a question. In [WWE’s] mind if they want to get Roman over as a big Superstar, you know that’s a match that makes sense from everyone’s perspective.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Having Reigns beat Rock, because I assume that would be the outcome of the match, won’t work to get Reigns over; it will only reinforce the Super Cena character they are putting on Roman. Additionally, having Rock come back to lose to Reigns doesn’t make sense. Why waste a Rock appearance, a Rock loss, against someone at the top of the card? Rollins could use that win more than Roman, and Rollins doesn’t even need that kind of big win. Assuming you have Rock win, then what? It’d be a terrible decision just like when they had Rock come back to beat Punk. Setting up for another “twice in a lifetime” situation like they did with Cena? How’d that work? Does WWE REALLY want to move-for-move recreate Cena’s career for Reigns? Not only is that really lazy, it got people resenting Cena less than five years into his main event status. WWE is really doing themselves no favors all around, but especially with how they book Roman. Once Smackdown moves to Fox, WWE is going to have to stock that roster the way they did back in 2008. I fully expect Elias, Wyatt, Ambrose, Reigns, and maybe even Strowman or McIntyre over to Smackdown and send AJ Styles, Nakamura, and Bryan over to Raw. Fox does not want Smackdown to be seen as the B-show, so WWE is going to have to move some big names. I don’t think that many more people will tune into to see Smackdown just to see Roman, they’re going to have to have a reason to want to see him and right now, WWE isn’t doing anything to make Roman a must-see act.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If you don’t think The Rock vs HHH would draw you are wrong on that part.

  • CC

    If the idea is to get him over, then it will fail miserably if Reigns is a baby face going into it (unless he heel turns mid match).
    Reigns as babyface in a match against the Rock will only make fans hate him more than usual, even if Rock plays the heel.

    If Reigns goes in as heel or switches mid match, that might actually get him huge heel heat and get him over as a heel. As I said before, turning Rollins heel is a huge part of what has now benefited him as a babyface.
    Had he not turned heel like he did, I am not convinced Rollins would be as big as he is now.

  • blkwolf13

    Exactly, I don’t know why everyone is saying that it is going to boost Roman Reigns career. People hates Roman Reigns because he was shoved down their throat. If they try to make us believe that Roman Reigns is worth a match against The Rock, and if he actually wins against The Rock, the people will hate him twice as much because they will know that that is bullshit. Even if the rock is here there is no way Roman Reigns will be a face in that match. The people won’t let it. And unless you’re going to stifle the rocks throat so he cannot speak, Roman Reigns won’t even be a candle to The Rock in promos

  • Luke

    We’ve seen Rock vs HHH lots of times and that match is only going to draw one set of fans.

    Rock vs Roman draws in smarks, casuals and kids who are into Roman. That match makes more money.

  • HBK

    I’d much rather see the rock vs the great khali, but on a serious note if rock does one more match it should be vs hhh

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    This is going to “bury” Reigns quickly, win or loose.

  • No Thanks

    This is awful. If Rock comes back to wrestle, he needs to be losing to someone who needs a big win, that person is not Reigns. If Rock wants to come back to lose to Ambrose or Rollins or Elias, that works. If he loses to someone like Reigns or Strowman or Cena or Lesnar, it’s a waste. Rock vs Reigns should not take place.

  • oppa

    The Rock has talked about coming back to put Roman over for a while. Roman could get some serious heel heat being the only person to beat Rock and Taker at Mania.

  • Charlie Bronson

    The Rock is bigger than the WWE now and can call his own shots. If he wants Roman, he gets Roman. HHH isn’t going to ever really retire because he will always be on deck if they need him to make a quick PPV match to increase hype.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There also the long history between The Rock and HHH I believe HHH in ring career is coming to an end soon. I believe The Rock vs HHH makes the most sense plus HHH is a wrestler who can help the Rock in the ring. Lets not forget the injury The Rock had when he face John Cena well that won’t happen with HHH.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That makes no sense. Beating The Rock at this point would do nothing for Roman. Face vs face, doesnt sound appealing. The rock is out of his prime and would benefit more if he wrestled someone from his era or a newer superstar, to help them. Roman doesnt need the help and it certainly wouldn’t get the fans to cheer him anymore than they do now

  • Charlie Bronson

    Logically you are correct. Rock may want to put over Roman, because he is family and he wants to help him. Plus that might be the only way to get fans to respect Roman at this point.

  • will libolt

    Sounds like what bully Ray and lagrecca we’re talking about on Busted open Radio

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I The Rock does 1 more match at Wrestlemania it will be against HHH that is it. I actually think it would be a retirement match for both The Rock and HHH.